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29 Oct 2017


See update at bottom: 13 Dec 2017


In October 2017, a number of serious and extensive wildfires broke out in areas of Northern California, such as Santa Rosa. (Around the same time, there were similar outbreaks of wildfires in Portugal and Spain.) Very soon after the initial events, a number of YouTube videos appeared which claimed to show strange anomalies in relation to the fires – for example “toasted cars” and completely burned out houses with seemingly undamaged trees very close by. In more than one video, the appearance of these things was linked to the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) – and parallels were drawn with some of the anomalies found in the evidence relating to the events of 9/11, as documented in Dr Judy Wood’s comprehensive book “Where Did the Towers Go?” A clip from one of Dr Wood’s presentations relating to the “toasted car” phenomenon was included in at least one video (see link above).


Both myself and Dr Judy Wood had people writing to us to point out these apparently strange anomalies – and others. A number of people wrote to me via Facebook – I include some conversations at the end of this short article.



Seeing as we were getting asked about it, Dr Wood and I decided to record an informal discussion (note: it wasn’t an interview). I knew that what Dr Wood and I said in this discussion would not be popular, so I deliberately disabled comments on the video. (And such was the desire for people to express their “shock and dismay,” they placed comments on other videos of mine – and even someone else’s!)


The essential main points of our discussion were as follows. Most or all of the people posting YouTube videos and commenting


· </spanwere not specialists in investigating fires.

· </spanhad not visited California to study the site and gather evidence

· </spanhad not spent enough time collecting and considering the evidence carefully




· </spanThe effects that were claimed to be the result of DEW in some or all parts of some videos were clearly not the same as the effects seen at the WTC and were the result of ordinary (not “weird”) fires.

· </spanTrees that are still growing do not burn as readily as dry wood and the wood that houses are made of.


At one point in our discussion, I speculated that, for example, some type of weather modification or control could have been used to increase the damage caused the fires and neither of us ruled out the use of “foul play” in the events. Indeed, some people have pointed out that many houses that were destroyed were in areas that were earmarked for “rezoning” under local Agenda 21-type plans. (Though this has also come up before, in 2015, for example.) </a


One thing I did find out is that at least one article about the 2017 California fires (see the small thumbnail, which appeared larger on facebook shares) actually used an image from 2015.


In the discussion with Dr Wood, I stated had not investigated the events in enough depth to state whether there was “foul play”. We stated with confidence that a number of the conclusions made in the videos were incorrect – and obviously so (listen to the discussion for examples). Apparently, this was not good enough for some people and so they wanted to send me/us accusatory messages (fair enough… it goes with the territory). I have included a few of these messages below – because some of them strike me as being rather peculiar. Also of note is that convicted felon Jeremy Rys (see paragraphs “Alienated Scientist” and “Alien Scientist – Connections”) has posted a new video to attack Dr Wood’s character and research and imply that we agreed with what is said is some of the “DEW Caused California Fires” type videos.


Thankfully, some people were still open to understanding how they could quite easily be manipulated into jumping to conclusions too quickly (see bottom of this article).


Again, the need for careful investigation – before jumping to conclusions is as strong as ever. Even if/when people write to me and express their frustration and call me names, I won’t be jumping up and down and shouting “It’s DEW again! It’s DEW again!” If anyone wants to develop a comprehensive website about the California fires and do a forensic study, then put some of that into, say,  a relevant court case, then if it is relevant, in some way, to the research posted on this website, I will post a link to it or do an article about it!


For now, I will state that unless I make an agreement with someone, for a particular and sensible reason to investigate a given event, I am not obliged to investigate or comment on anything. I think the same can be said for Dr Judy Wood, but I don’t speak for her – only to her.


As a final thought here, if people really want freedom, they have to respect the right for people to act freely. If they want freedom of speech, they have to be prepared to be on the receiving end of free speech.



Facebook Conversation – 14th Oct 2014



FB User: hmm…. I’m pretty surprised that you are not more up in arms about the seemingly obvious use of DEW. From what we see in these vids there is no doubt whatsoever > so why Andrew, are you seemingly hesitant to call it for what it is? …just asking 🙂

· Reply · 1 · 14 October at 20:59


Andrew Johnson: Partly because I haven’t studied it enough yet (it’s quite upsetting) and partly following conversations with Dr Wood…

· Reply · 1 · 14 October at 21:26



FB User: Haven’t studied it enough? Really? For a couple of days now folks have posted vids on your time line that show “toasted cars” and other effects exactly resembling DEW effects found on 911. Forgive me but I find it extremely difficult to believe that Judy Wood would lead you to suspect otherwise…. what’s up Andrew? You surprise me.

· Reply · 1 · 14 October at 22:29


Andrew Johnson: Well, why should I upset myself if I don’t want to? I am a volunteer researcher…. I have also been busy with domestic activities – and of course, you have your own activities to keep up with right? Your incredible craftsmenship! So what is the difference?

· Reply · 2 · 14 October at 22:31



FB User: Of course I have no clue what is going on in your life – but just a few minutes of watching even the vid you yourself posted shows unquestionable indications of DEW. Just considering that you yourself posted that vid, I assumed that you had watched it….See more

· Reply · 14 October at 22:36


Andrew Johnson: I watched the one by the woman who showed all the melting points at the start – and the burning tree one… I didn’t come to firm conclusions… so I haven’t commented much. Do I want to study more? See above…

14 October at 22:39



FB User: Andrew Johnson: Now perhaps I am misunderstanding something or just confused. You mean you only watched the first couple of minutes of the vid you posted (from all the vid put on your timeline), and then you had a talk with Judy about this and what she said put you off the DEW idea in Santa Rosa?? What did Judy say that put you off?

· Reply · 14 October at 22:43


Andrew Johnson: No, I watched most of the video, though it got a bit repetitive. Consider this. How many *years* after 911 did Dr Wood first start to become known for speaking about it? How much evidence had she gathered before she felt comfortable saying certain things with confidence… Also, what does she encourage people to do and what does she encourage them not to do…? I will leave it here for you now…

· Reply · 4 · 14 October at 22:55



FB User: Andrew, thanks to JW we have all become pretty familiar with the tell-tail signs of DEW. That was a long process for all of us. . . but now that we have been thru that should we now wait years to call an apple and apple. What then can you offer as an…See more

· Reply · 14 October at 23:00



FB User: I must say I am truly shocked, disturbed, and disappointed in your reaction to these events. We clearly see entire neighborhoods in which each and every house has literally vanished!!! …yet, plenty of trees and bushes left unscathed… car after car completely toasted like on 911 yet plastic garbage bins totally unscathed. . . this is all totally NOT normal at all. The video you posted is very good – it shows what houses normally look like when burned… Houses do NOT just *vanish*. Whole neighborhoods do not just vanish (but selectively leave trees and plasitc bins unscathed)… How on earth can you suggest that all of this could possibly be the result of normal fires and winds?


FB Message – 21st Oct 2017


XXX: She knows it wasn’t DEWs? But she believes the media that the winds were 60mph! She hasn’t investigated it beyond watching MSM and yt videos and she’s automatically denying it’s DEWs. IDK.

She knows DEWs and if she says it wasn’t DEWs we have to believe her because she’s the expert, but I doubt she even looked into the fires. She made up her mind before even looking into it. She seriously does NOT want anyone raining on her DEW parade.


ADJ: Indeed – but how many wildfires have you investigated and have you visited the site, collected all relevant data and published it?

Here’s a good example – www.facebook.com/per…

Tera Abraham shared a photo to your timeline.


[Note: the photo XXX refers to is from 2015!]




 I listened to your informal interview with Dr. Judy Wood posted Oct 17/17. And I heard Dr. Judy Wood say that we need to have more discernment. I agree, but I also think that when people ask the expert to comment re: the Cali fires an effort needs to be made to look at the evidence the public are questioning. What was the purpose of Where Did the Towers’ Go? if not to wake the public up to things we were told was normal. Not everyone can have the education and experience that Dr. Wood has and it is because of her work is why we are questioning these images now.

Tera Abraham


XXX: Andrew, common. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that those houses were NOT burned by normal fire. We need Dr Wood to investigate it. She’s refusing without even looking into it. You saw the photos.


ADJ:  So, it’s now down to you to marshall all the evidence and collate it into a court case… Are you up to the job? You just implied you have the relevant background or qualifications, so … off you go…?


XXX: For some reason Dr Wood thinks this is going to make her look bad. Does she even realize how many people are looking at her for the first time because of this?

I’m saying even a 3 year old can tell the fires weren’t normal.


ADJ: I am sure she realises that – anyway, I will leave you to it for now. Let me know when you’ve submitted your court case or compiled your website etc


XXX: Why is she refusing to even look into it? She’s letting her ego get the best of her.

Thank You for your work. Goodbye.



22 OCTOBER 00:14


Can someone investigate if “smart meters” had anything to do with it? What kind of expert would that be?


Something set 6,000 structures on fire at the same time. Someone needs to dig into this because we know the government wont.


What are ‘Smart’ Meters? « Stop Smart Meters! (UK)

Around the world utility companies are replacing wired analogue electricity, gas and water meters with new generation ‘Smart’ Meters at a rapid rate. The programme is already well under way in countries including North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries. Despite what…


22 OCTOBER 09:11

ADJ:  Yeah – a good reason for you to investigate and make a comprehensive website then.


22 OCTOBER 14:19


But I don’t have a  piece of paper saying I’m a government indoctrinated professional, so what good is my work?


ADJ: Maybe you should get one then….?


I don’t have any advanced degrees, but I still made and maintain a website.

People seem to value it (else why do people like you write to me).


Because you’re the priest that has a direct connection to god, and having her call us stupid because we don’t know as much as she does, while refusing to look into it, is making me into an atheist.  I’m just giving her one last shot through you. She needs to look into the fires. She’s the professional that everyone is looking to when it comes to DEWs and she just poopoo’d us away.


ADJ: Ah OK – well, if that’s how you look at it, it ain’t going to help your investigations much. Your problem is Dr Wood’s fault or my fault then… right right I see now….


XXX: I preached Dr Wood every day for years, but no more. The fact that we don’t volunteer for what you want us to do … hmmm


ADJ: Well, we have no control over what you say to others about us


XXX: It’s not for me.


ADJ:  And when did Dr Wood say XXX  is stupid? Ask yourself “Why did I identify with that comment?”


When you interviewed her about the fires. She said everyone who said it was DEWs is stupid.

Stupid or brainwashed.


ADJ: Anyway, I will leave you to do whatever you want to do…. if you want to tell people the truth about 911, that’s fine, but if you don’t like the author of the research anymore, that’s fine too… your choice


XXX: Right. What about the fires? You know it was DEWs.

Not one bathtub, sink, toilet…

What about smart meters? Who’s looking into that?


She worked hard to prove DEWs did 911 and after all the hell they put her through she doesn’t want all that to be trashed by people using her name for everything they think are DEWs.  I can see that, but she didn’t even look into it. That pisses me off.


Nearly 6,000 structures disappeared on the same day. Someone that’s not part of the government needs to look into this. Smart meters and DEWs could take out most of the population worldwide. I’m not asking this for me or my ego. I have no website or ulterior motive.  I connect dots but I have no paper saying I’m a good dot connector. We need Dr Wood to verify what’s going on, or at least LOOK into it before trashing all our work.



FB Message – Sat 28th Oct


YYY: I will be doing a piece on this Andrew www.youtube.com/watc… . Others are already in outrage over this. I wanted to give you a chance to respond before I publish my piece. My first and most obvious question is What on Earth could have possibly swayed you and Dr Judy Wood to create this painfully obvious hit piece?


ADJ: Hello there… I think the video is self explanatory. Have you been to California to investigate the fires? Did you make a note of the time in the video where I mentioned that “foul play” could possibly be involved? You stated it was a “hit piece”. Can you state clearly who it was a hit piece against? (Names of people or groups would be good to mention!) Best Wishes with your work!


YYY: Andrew you and Dr Judy Wood used the same tactics against InTruthByGrace and aplanetruth.info as those used by Alex Jones and Dr Steven Jones used to attempt to make Dr Judy Wood look like a raving lunatic. I followed all of her work and much of yours. I KNOW you two are lying.  I am disappointed by this Andrew. I had a lot of respect for you as a journalist.  A last thought. The two of you absolutely destroyed all your credibility when you made that video/podcast. I certainly hope it was worth whatever you two received.


ADJ: You didn’t name any real people and didn’t answer my questions. Hence, your comments are irrelevant. I don’t class myself as a journalist either. I am a researcher and a writer – I don’t regularly post stories about current affairs. I hope your comments mean you won’t message me again and that some day you will be honest with yourself about what you know and what you speculate about.



Email received via Website:


It was submitted by addressnotgiven@chec… at 17:32:05  27-Oct-2017




Recipient: info@checktheevidenc…


Message text: Judy Wood, you Zionist pig shill. You should be ashamed of yourself! Rot in hell.


Char count: 1919



Further Facebook Comment Making Good Observations about the Fires


Has anyone heard of the Santa Anna Winds? I live here in northern California and we get them this time of year. We had a horrible fire in Oakland in the early 90s because of them. Look at those photos. Wind is directed energy but not a directed energy WEAPON. You tube is full of fear mongers doing MSM’s job for them and they don’t even realize it. Its very sad. Kudos Andrew and Rich Hall. (Y)

Like · Reply · 1 · 28 Oct 2017


One of the fires ( The Cherokee Fire) came to within 3 miles of my home. The night before we had wind gusts up to 80mph. Power lines in the trees started many little fires that blended together in what became The Cherokee Fire. High winds just like in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa and the Clear lake area sent these fires out of control. Wind and dryness from summer and steep terrain tend to do that with fires around here this time of year. We actually had a mild summer as far as fires go until these fires. We had the wettest winter recorded in California’s history. The level of ignorance and the increasing number of ignorant clowns with you tube channels is staggering. These people are much more stupid than they think I think they are. At this rate in the next 5 years the level of stupidity will become biblical.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  28 Oct 2017 at 19:57


Well, look was recently posted…


Someone might want to check what YouTube channels I “insulted” according to the anonymised facebook message above…

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