Re: Dane Wiggington and Richard Gage – Lying Together about 911 Evid

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2014-09-29 18:51:22

I know, it is so frustrating and annoying Andrew and much more for yourself and Dr Wood, but take heart because they are having to broadcast this nonsense in order to repeat the lie because Dr Wood’s evidence, your work and an increasing number of people are having a greater impact than they expected. That must surely be the case and I can also hear desperation in their voices. How many times did the narrator mention the number of Architects and Engineers? And they didn’t actually talk about provable empirical evidence to support the nano-thermite theory, molten metal or explosives; just that there are apparently 2200 so called ‘experts’ supporting it. Well, not a lot is getting done by them is it!So, near the end the host says nearly 3000 experts…that’s a big jump from 2200. As for Dane Wiggington, another one bought and paid for I’m afraid. God is their judge who they will have to face one day. Hilary

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