Re: William and Kate Join the 911 Psyop

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2014-12-19 10:38:46

I will be surprised if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (will know anymore than the ordinary man on the street to be honest…they’re probably too busy being distracted by events in their schedule to care to take the time to find out what really happened. Anyway, imagine being in their shoes, how awful; to not have the freedom to go with your gut feeling if something isn’t right because you know that you’re being monitored…just like Diana was. In 2001, I and about fifty others shared a lecture theatre at St Andrews (reading Anthropology) with both of them and this was the day after 9/11. I know this isn’t completely relevant to the story here necessarily, but in William’s defence he is of his mother’s nature, wanting to do what is right…so where he’s really at with knowledge about what was used on that day I’ve no idea…but if he knows I am sure he will not be happy about it. Especially as he can do little to change it. I wonder if it was the same people that murdered Diana that did 9/11? I say this because her death could have also acted as a warning to other Royals to tow-the-line or else. In fact I believe William would make the world a better place if he had a choice.

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