Re: FW: New music video – The Trial of Tony Blair

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2014-12-20 11:21:29

What’s Tony Blair’s cross dressing habits got to with his policies! lol.You are clearly quite insecure Martin, but does anyone criticise John Hutchison (AKA Karla Kniption) for his/her lifestyle KARLA KNIPTION 2016 .  If they do, they are deluded into thinking they are better people. I’ll tell you why. KARLA KNIPTION 2016 KARLA FIRST LADY ? PRESIDENT WOOO HOO BANISHING DECADES OF TAXS AND CONTROL OVER AMERICANS BRINGING AMERICA … View on Preview by Yahoo  To be honest I’ve met several trans hating people, who to my astonishment were their wive’s a*** whores. So get off your pedastol and move on. If you’ve got a problem I’ll come and meet you in person to discuss it.And no i’m not kidding.Hilary (oh btw I was born male and no I’m not ashamed).

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