Re: Alberto Behan


Date: 2015-01-21 20:51:44

Quite so Ben,It just struck me as synchronicitous that the poor soul, who was instrumental in the engineering development of the Mars rover’s ability to function in inhospitable environments (on earth and allegedly on Mars), met with his untimely death just at the time of Richard D Hall’s hypothesis was being presented.JPL Robotics: People: Alberto BeharJPL scientist killed in Van Nuys plane crash aided ‘extreme’ exploration Let’s assume that RDH is correct and that the evidence stacks up;- Alberto Behar could well have become aware that the rover never reached Mars. Perhaps he even viewed Richard’s film, the evidence was clear and that he spoke to colleagues about it/tweeted/posted etc. This could easily have sealed his fate.It also struck me as strange that there was no fire involved considering that the aircraft crash occurred shortly after take off when fuel load would have been at its maximum.Neil       JPL scientist killed in Van Nuys plane crash aided ‘extr…Alberto Enrique Behar dedicated his career to the idea that there was no place too hot, too cold or too remote for science.View on www.latimes.comPreview by Yahoo          JPL Robotics: People: Alberto BeharAlberto Behar: I have been a member of the Mobility and Robotic Systems Section at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 1991. Our section designs the ro…View on www-robotics.jpl.nas…Preview by Yahoo   

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