Fake Ringo / PID Story

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-03-03 09:36:44

I suppose that one gets diverted onto these things when one has an interest in the people concerned (i.e. I am a big Beatles fan and Lennon/McCartney had some influence on me in my formative years), but there are more significant issues at hand, for sure….   Further comments from astute/observant readers who did a better job than me of sniffing out some of the details of the article – the most obvious one first: Andrew  A quick look on google says world daily news is a satirical site. So it’s a wind up, no? Tim     Hi Andrew,  Right- there was no link to original source documentation for this supposed “interview” with Ringo Starr in the WND article (because it doesn’t exist). But there was the following “bio” about the WND writer: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/author/barbara-jennings/ “Barbara Johnson is a young reporter who has made a name for herself thanks to her thorough researching and formal writing style. A former pornstar, she has rapidly reached the summit in her new profession thanks to her good looks and “social” skills”. 
Yessiree, all the proper qualifications for a serious, credible journalist / writer !  😉 Andrew –  Of course it’s fake. Whether or not some rock star is dead or not means nothing in the big picture, and there will be no state operation cover-up designed to keep “teenagers from reacting hysterically.” These hoaxes are a dime a dozen …    It is, imo, yet another ploy to distract “conspiracy theorists” while tarring them with the feather of silliness, like “Elvis is alive”.    These forwards – also imo – are probably routinely sent out by agents and provocateurs.  I should add that there may be exceptions, as in the ritual killings of Hollywood figures, like Whitney Houston – but those incidents tend not to show up in recycled fwds like the “paul is dead” ones do.   There are a number of issues that depend on our understanding them to have a chance of saving the world from the handbasket-to-hell it is in now – so it might be a better idea to concentrate on those …Just my 4 cents. Hi Andrew  If you check out the  ‘Beatles at home’ clip from ‘Help’ on You Tube – (clip lasts 1:48 mins) at 1:35, Paul turns to look at Ringo, (who’s struggling with a snack machine), this is a good close up. It looks like the Paul with the longer thin face & different from the Paul in ‘Hard Day’s Night’ with rounder face. My guess is that the switch happened between  ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (with no significant McCartney compositions) & ‘Help’ probably early ’65. This would explain why some the photo comparisons on the web don’t always work, as they’d be comparing the same guy. I think one of the keys to this might be the misdirection around the ’66 motor accident. It would be a simple matter to put out the story of his demise in ’66 & then let people see that the post ’66 guy is the same as the pre ’66 guy, well he would be. It would quash any rumours that may have leaked out, probably from Lennon. I’m going to slog through the film of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ & see if I can find a good close up of a ’roundface’ McCartney.    

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