Remember this man?

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-03-15 11:14:51

This is an amazing one and a half hours about Bill Cooper and some of the things he tried to tell us. First ten minutes is great…talks about the flying saucer he saw come out of the sea.I know many of you have already listened to his stuff, but it’s a reminder of just how far off some of our so-called ‘truth’ figures are from being as genuine and thorough in their research and presentations as this man.The Hour of Our Time [] The Life & Legacy of William Cooper DOCUMENTARY The Hour of Our Time [] The Life & Legacy of William Co… MIrrored from ‘ConspiracyScope’ to whom all credit goes. All footage used for research and educational purposes only. View on Preview by Yahoo This is also pretty good inspiration stuff for those putting out their genuine research. Ben, RDH, Andrew, Neil. Thanks to you. Please keep going, hope this serves as some more inspiration :-))

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