Science Fraud and Nonsense (Roger Anderton)

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-18 11:28:05

Following on from Andrews interesting Youtube find. I’ve been looking at various areas of Science/medical science with the view that it would be at best inaccurate and at worse completely based on fraud and nonsense and you know what, I’ve yet to be disappointed or wrong. I say ‘I’ but I’m not a scientist but I do have an ability to understand when something is BS, as I suspect most people on here can too? I had read many years ago that Einstein was a plagiarist of his ‘peers’ work (I guess working in a Patent office has its advantages) and those that went before him but I and this was wrong. He was simply a fraud that knew the field of Physics well enough to fool some of his peers and played his part in the on-going Jewish deception. And, when any of the ‘real’ scientists called him on this, he and his protectors would do the usual Jew tactic of calling them Anti-Sematic (this is actually nonsense as you’d need to actually be a Semite to use the term). But, like I say I’m not a Scientist but there are plenty who are and one such person that I looked into (After seeing him on RDH) was ‘Roger Anderton’ and in particular his expose of the whole Relativity nonsense and its main and infamous exponent our peace loving Jew Einstein. As a flavour I recommend this youtube from him A look at Professor Rydin’s talk on Einstein being wrong part1 A look at Professor Rydin’s talk on Einstein being w… Professor Rydin explains how Einstein’s (special and general) relativity is nonsense. It was never properly checked when Einstein proposed his relativity the… View on Preview by Yahoo where a real Scientist exposes the lies of Einstein and how the modern Physics has even built the lie into their computer models so that it’s almost impossible to reveal that all of Relativity is Nonsense. Hey, that not me sating it its Professor Rydin who will point out why and reveal that no one that postulates this nonsense today has bothered to do the work to verify that Einstein was wrong/lying. These errors where pointed out over and over in the early 1900’s and I think there is another today that highlighted more than 200 flaws in the calculations but doesn’t seem to stop the lovely Brian Cocks in his fawning over the Genius that is Einstein and his legacy to us all. I would happily state, with not a shred of provable evidence, that the information revealed from Andrews interviews with the likes of Ed Fouche is the real science and that we are given another version or a far removed version from the real science that is kept secret. Because we are just cattle or beasts of the field (another classification of the goyim). If you think this Jew science deception is only confined to Physics then you might like to also look at the work of Harold Hillman a brilliant Cell biologist who pointed out the many flaws of his Peers that continues to this day and used as the bases to find cures for a whole plethora of medical diseases, apparently. I think he’s dead now having been disowned, losing all funding, couldn’t get any of his work peer reviewed etc. I was at a Birthday party recently and was introduced to the host’s friend who was ‘super smart and did Biology Computer modelling’ I think I was meant to go weak kneed at this news but I decided to ask him if he was aware of the work of Harold Hillman circa 1950-70’s, he said he never heard of him. Fair enough, so I told him in my layperson way the essentials and that the errors and testing to this day was based on these errors. This didn’t go down well and I didn’t press it. A little later we are sitting eating and his wife asked me was I interested in the recent landing of the probe onto the Comet? I said I was a little but took my information from the Thunderbolts Project and went on to inform them of the wrong views of mainstream Space science about this Snowy Balls of Rock and Ice. Well, this was too much for the smart husband and he literally shouted all over the restaurant that I was “wrong, wrong, wrong!” and turned his back on me and never spoke another word. I think he was having one of those Cognitive Dissonance moments?

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