Lee (Harvey) Oswald Tried to Save JFK – Almost No One Knows

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06 July 2015

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To those who have pierced the veil of “Official World History”  and studied what lies behind that veil, the title of this article will not seem strange.  I only became aware of the facts having read a book “Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald” by Judyth Vary Baker. This is an extraordinary book – not only is it a moving “human story” about 2 people who fell in love with one another, it also contains important factual details about an event which changed the world and changed the course of history. 

Judyth Vary Baker’s account could’ve been completely lost – due to the advice she was given in 1963 following the assassination of John F Kennedy and the “purge” of people that were connected to the events that took place during that period.

After surviving a life threatening ruptured appendix when she was just 5 years old, Judyth developed a strong interest and talent for biology and chemistry. Judyth was deeply affected by the death of her maternal Grandmother after her painful battle with Cancer and she became determined, using her talents, to find a cure for the condition.

Following some incredible work – and encouragement and mentoring from teachers, she ended up with her own school-based laboratory, where she performed experiments on mice – eventually reaching the point where she could give lung cancer to them in just 7 days. (This was done in an effort to understand how cancer cells grew, and what could affect their growth.) It was then the case that, using basic equipment, Judyth Vary had achieved something that well-funded scientists had not been able to match. Eventually, this came to the attention of a number of well-regarded doctors and other figures – such as Senator George Smathers and, even more significantly, Dr Alton Ochsner – a renowned cancer specialist. Ochsner offered her work on a secret project, based in New Orleans – where she would be growing cancer cells in mice to try and make them more damaging. This was the opposite of her original intent – which was to cure cancer, but her account makes it clear how she was then “drawn into a web.” This web involved several people – in a  plot to develop a bioweapon which was targeted at Cuban leader Fidel Castro – a communist dictator of a country that was seen as a threat to the USA at that time.

Judyth’s account describes, in meticulous detail, her part in this plot. This level of detail creates a vivid tapestry of life in New Orleans in the early 1960’s. We are shown a backdrop to the aspects of secrecy which related to the Cold War, the Mafia and the distrust of John F Kennedy – due to the events in Cuba in the early 1960’s. Judyth’s account is backed up with a considerable amount of documentary and photographic evidence which proves that what she has told us is true. She and Lee Oswald became friends then lovers and in reading Judyth’s account, we get to share their lives, their feelings of love, loss and betrayal. Both were young, gifted and patriotic and believed they were doing things to make the world a better place. For example, Lee Oswald was very much a Kennedy supporter and also he believed that what Martin Luther King was doing was right. However, he had to “put on an act” and hand out pro-Castro material in order to infiltrate Cuban groups so that he could eventually smuggle the bioweapon through those groups, to the target – he was a double-agent.

In one part of the book, Judyth describes how Lee Oswald provided information which almost certainly foiled an attempt to kill JFK in Chicago earlier in November 1963. Reading this, and many of the further details about Judyth and Lee’s activities in New Orleans, it becomes clear not only why Lee Oswald could not have killed Kennedy, but why he was set up as the “patsy” for this horrific crime.

As if unveiling some of the hidden activities of the “dark forces” which co-operated to kill JFK wasn’t enough, Judyth’s account also unveils further evil in the form of people like Alton Ochsner – who was central in the project to develop a weaponised cancer virus. When Judyth Vary “rebelled” against Ochsner after he lied to her about trialling the cancer cells they had developed on a human prisoner, he threatened her with violence and the promised of a special place at Tulane Medical School never materialised.

Judyth also goes into some detail about her work with Dr David Ferrie – who was an incredible character – highly intelligent, passionate and apparently patriotic, religious, moral and at times amoral. It was Ferrie’s advice that essentially saved Judyth’s life. Judyth also worked with another Cancer specialist, Dr Mary Sherman – who was murdered on 21  July 1964 – the day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to obtain testimony about the assassination of JFK.

Judyth essentially “disappeared” into obscurity immediately after JFK was murdered – only to remerge in the late 1990’s. By then, almost no one knew who she was and no one believed her story. Jim Marrs, who has written an afterword for her book, did not believe Judyth’s story at first, because in many years of his own JFK research, he had never come across her name.

David Ferrie’s name became more widely known in 1992, with the release of Oliver Stone’s ground-breaking film (but perhaps this was merely acclimatising the public to knowledge of the “Secret Team’s” real power and control). Dr Mary  Sherman’s name is less well known, but her horrific murder was investigated and written about by someone who knew her – Edward T Haslam. It was Haslam’s publisher Trineday who published Judyth Vary Baker’s “Me and Lee” book. (Ed Halsam had come into contact with Judyth during research conducted by CBS’s 60-minutes team and he also edited “Me and Lee” and wrote the foreword to the book.)

At each point where more information was being revealed by Judyth or witnesses that knew her or knew of her, threats were made and some deaths occurred – Judyth has survived 2 car crashes and a strange incident where glass ended up in food she was eating in a restaurant. Judyth now lives in exile in Europe and sadly, is estranged from most of her relatives. This is despite the fact she first recorded many of details of her amazing story in hundreds of pages letters written to her son – a record that she hoped would be used to clear Lee Oswald’s name and explain her own actions during the time she knew him.

Judyth Vary Baker has chosen the difficult and very dangerous path of telling the plain, unvarnished truth – about the evil schemes and the evil acts of evil people. For the most part, these people (whether alive or dead) still remain “in the shadows” – and though some of them have been named, they have never been brought to justice or held accountable for their crimes.

I say to Judyth Vary Baker – you have made a difference to those of us that care about the truth. I “salute” you and offer you my appreciation, thanks, respect and best wishes. I also thank  Edward T Haslam for his role and making this book available – and his own evidence-based and revealing, unwavering research into the murder of Dr Mary Sherman and how it related to aspects of what I call “the Cancer Cover Up.”

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