Energy Effects and Residual Effects in Crop Formations

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-12-18 21:39:30

Attachments : New article I’ve compiled – with the help of David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Colin Andrews – and of course Richard D Hall​!! www.checktheevidence…   Energy Effects and Residual Effects in Crop Formations Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Dec 2015 In 2010, I made a short video/PowerPoint presentation cataloguing what seemed to be connection between certain events on 11 Sep 2001 and the formation of Crop Circles.… (Additional Videos at Bottom of Page) This was nothing to do with predictions, or symbolism – it was to do with physical evidence. When I made this video, I already knew that the World Trade Centre complex had been destroyed using some type of directed energy weapon. I knew this because I had closely followed the research of Dr Judy Wood and I had been involved (on the “sidelines”) in her Qui Tam legal case against contractors who had contributed to the NIST technical reports called “Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers”. Dr Wood, through attorney Jerry Leaphart, had challenged the false conclusions drawn in the report and, indeed, the very title of the report (because  the towers did not collapse, they turned mostly to dust in mid air). I was familiar with most of the main pieces evidence Dr Wood had collated in her studies. I was also familiar with some of the effects that had been observed during after the formation of Crop Circles or Glyphs. This was why I made the video. In the video, I included images originally taken by WC Levengood of BLT Research and some by Busty Taylor and others. The evidence they had collected, to me, suggested that energy effects seen in/near crop formations had strong similarities to effects documented in the evidence found following the destruction of the WTC complex. In the table below, I summarise the way in which this evidence corresponds. Effect Crop Formations  WTC Appearance of significant heating, but nearby evidence of no heating Crystal growth in Soil (Smectites), Crops undamaged Melted or “burning metal” near or next to unburned paper Anomalous Tiny Iron Spheres Magnetised Iron Spheres found by WC Levengood Iron Rich Microspheres found by Steven E Jones Causative process or mechanism not visible Flattening of crops Destruction of buildings Levitation / Lifting of objects and people. Witnesses / Researchers levitated after crop formation (Pat Delgado, Freddy Silva) Witnesses levitated or experience levitation effects  (David Handschuh, Rene Davila), and objects (cars, fire truck) inverted Ongoing effects/changes Apparent Radiation or EMF Readings after formation, crop formation patterns seen in following year’s crop growth Residual fuming in ground, rusting of girders esp. in Bankers Trust It is primarily the last of these things that I wished to write about more here, following conversations with researcher and engineer David Cayton. Residual/Ongoing Effects in Crop Formations We have 2 types of evidence which show ongoing effects where crop formations have been made. Firstly, ongoing effects have been observed in the following years growth of crops – as photographed by Busty Taylor. West Stowell. Wiltshire. May 1st 2004 Avebury Avenue,Wiltshire, May 1st 2004 Secondly, thanks to information supplied by David Cayton and Robert Hulse,  in a video they made in 2002, we have evidence of residual energy effects of some kind in the Pewsey Nautilus Formation, formed in July 2002. Entering this formation, David  Cayton was using genuine Geiger counters – designed to detect levels of dangerous ionising radiations -principally, energies from Gamma, ‘X’Rays’ Alpha & Beta. (David was trained in the use of these by our U.K. National Radiation Protection Board – NRPB at their Northern Centre in Leeds.) Reading about 1 on the scale Reading goes off the scale on the lowest setting of the instrument. David Cayton holding instrument to measure Ionising Radiation. Pewsey Nautilus David Cayton also experienced residual energy effects near a formation alongside Silbury Hill in 1998 (see image below), (which he initially thought was a hoax). He casually pointed a Geiger Tube (similar to that shown above in David’s right Hand above) into the small diameter swirled circle nearby, as he walked back to the car park.  This destroyed the inner workings of the GM Tube, and it could not be repaired! David Cayton writes: The Instrument immediately responded rapidly and the counts per sec shot up to over maximum on the scale, over 2000cps, with the audio warning tone rising to a loud screeching sound with complete saturation! Needless to say, I was more than a little perturbed by that event!  If indeed, I was detecting ionising radiations, it would be VERY unhealthy to linger close by, or into the small swirled circle!

Later on, over a few years, including the experience within the ‘Nautilus’ formation at Pewsey, I had recorded Geiger counter responses of various levels in about 4 or 5 formations which we believed were NOT man made, together with my dowsing rod deflections, neither of which I EVER experienced within the planked formations!!!

After a while, I came to the conclusion that I was NOT detecting harmful ionising radiation but most likely some type of magnetic force, probably an EMF source of some kind? One of the reasons for this (as I demonstrated in the full Documentary CCTHT) was that when the instrument was displaying a reading above normal background gamma radiation, no matter where I positioned the Geiger tube, either touching the crop, at waist height or holding it high above my head, the reading remained constant at the same level! If there had been some surface contamination upon the crop plants or in the soil, the readings would decrease as I raised the probe up and away above the crop floor due to the physical effect of the ‘inverse square law’. When I phoned the NRPB HQ at Didcot from the Pewsey formation  that day, Chris asked me this and then asked if I was close to overhead power cables or an electrical transformer?  In other words, he was baffled and could only suggest some type of EMF was upsetting my instrument…….he had no other ideas!

Now, the other important and relevant factor in all of this, which in itself suggests that there was no residual surface contamination of any sort at crop level. It should be noted that the odd remote ‘electrical field’ affecting my Geiger Counter was transitory and appeared to be above and also a few paces beyond the periphery of this formation!

During the increased reading, I walked a few paces down a tractor line,  completely out of the circle, until the reading suddenly dropped back to normal background level, just like switch being thrown!  I marked the spot, called Robert over with his camcorder. After continuing to walk beyond the marked spot, we did an about turn, and with camera running, he then followed me looking over my shoulder with camera directed onto the instrument. When we reached my marked spot, we fully expected the instrument to immediately and rapidly recommence reading the same high responses as before? NOTHING happened, the reading merely indicated once more the normal background level and this continued right back into the crop formation!!!!

I had on another occasion, in different formation, stood alongside Paul Vigay and ‘compared notes’ so to speak, as he operated one of his EMF meters with my fluctuating Geiger counter readings, when he was noting the rise and fall in his readings! Again, this was a crop formation we judged to be ‘genuine’! Formation near Silbury Hill – 1998 – a small Circle Near this was found to have extremely strong effect on a radiation detector. Energy Effects Seen in Laid Down Crop? In the Hulse/Cayton film, there is some interesting footage taken in a wheat field at Etchilhampton, showing some unusual seed head bending and stem lay, and the investigators describe that this seems to be the result of some kind of “energy flow”. Again, high Geiger counter readings were detected which changed in level from position to position. A chap, called Francis from Belgium , with his girl friend, also used the Geiger counter for a while and he witnessed his own odd instrument readings. Bending of Seed Heads follows the pattern of the circle Above, you can see seed heads bent in opposite directions in the direction of the formation of the lay. Here, it is shown how the Stem Springs Back when bent forward gently. Harrier Jump Jet Incident, 1987 An unusual event occurred in 1987 when a new Harrier Jump Jet crashed into the sea, having flown over Wiltshire in the exact area many crop circles appear. Colin Andrews wrote this incident up in the June 1988 issue of Flying Saucer Review, in which he writes: Complete mystery still surrounds the top-secret British Harrier GR5 jump-jet aircraft which, pilot- less, flew on for over 500 miles and eventually crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the south coast of Ireland on Thursday, October 22, 1987.The machine had taken off from Dunsfold in Surrey on a test flight at 16.59 hrs. with Pilot Humphrey Taylor Scott at the controls. Six minutes later, and with out any hint of an emergency from its pilot, radio contact was suddenly lost over Wiltshire to the west. The last radio message was a routine one, to air- traffic controllers at the top-secret Boscombe Down Air Force Base near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Colin continues: Despite a huge search operation, involving aircraft, shipping, life-boats and even mountain-rescue teams in South Wales, no trace of the pilot could be found. Then, on Friday, October 23, a gamekeeper, Mr Ken Pitman, came across the body of an airman lying in a field near the village of Winterbourne Stoke, near Stonehenge, in Wiltshire…The location of Winterbourne Stoke already meant something to me, for it was in a cornfield near that village that a set of four mysterious circles of “swirled”, flattened indentations had been found on Saturday, August 22, only eight weeks earlier. Additional details and images pertaining to these events can be found below. Conclusions It seems from the evidence here that there is definitely residual energy effects associated with some Crop Formations. It does not seem at all possible that these residual effects could happen in formations that have been planked/board stomped. This energy causes selective changes in materials – some of which are subtle. Some of the changes mimic those caused by high heating. Is it too much of a coincidence to suggest that some lingering effect from the circles formed in 1987 had some kind of effect on the Harrier jump jet – causing the canopy to be opened and the pilot to exit the aircraft? Or was this just an astounding coincidence? What is more clear is that there is a strong military presence in that region of England so it’s anyone’s guess was to what they know about these incidents and the technologies that are very likely at work in producing some of these phenomena. Appendix Winterbourne Stoke Circle, August 1987 – 8 weeks before the pilot of the Harrier Jump Jet was found in the same field! Videos Richard D Hall and Andrew Johnson discuss Crop Circle Evidence and 911 Evidence Richard D Hall – Crop Circles – The Hidden

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