GcMAF, Cancer and Immuno Biotech – Update

Thanks to Matt Waterman in Guernsey, I have been watching the terrible action taken against David Noakes’ firm Immuno Biotech which was treating cancer patients with GCMaf. You can find out more about this here.

Matt sent me this link:

but anyway, they tell me that their response to the article is:

To the Editor
May I please reply to Friday’s article “Company behind GcMAF is declared insolvent?”

The article did not make it clear this happened because Guernsey closed all our bank accounts at Immuno Biotech Ltd on 3rd of February 2015, under the EU Banking compliance rules. That’s done on the whim of a bureaucrat, not a court. The first we knew was our credit cards didn’t work – neither the banks, nor the government ever contacted us – it was all done behind our backs.

The MHRA picked Canterbury court in April to confirm this; and submitted a witness statement which we wanted to contest because, in our opinion, it was obvious perjury, but were not allowed to do so. At no time over nearly 4 years have we been allowed to state our case. On 7th July 2015 Guernsey’s courts confirmed Canterbury’s ruling.

Under the rules all our assets are frozen – so Guernsey cannot extract the tax from the company – hence their statement of insolvency on a company whose 27 staff, including 4 scientists and seven doctors, had saved more than enough to pay all its taxes and more in its now frozen bank account.

Not just ours, but no bank account is safe in Guernsey or Europe, and that includes yours. And do not conclude being honest helps – we saved over 6,000 from disease around the world, and 114 people on Guernsey, who were amongst the hundreds we treated for nothing.

Twenty officers raided our house and offices; they had a search warrant which only allowed them to search for our laboratory on Guernsey. We obviously didn’t have one – everything was imported from our laboratories in Cambridge England, and they should have left after 5 minutes. But that didn’t stop them illegally searching for 12 hours; they took away 7,000 papers from the office, our computers, and from the house 125 bags of “evidence,” including our two safes.

The Law Officers wrote us a number of letters because they had clearly come by the silver and gold in the safes illegally, and were embarrassed.

But now according to the Guernsey Press it seems they have compounded the illegality by selling it, in breach of the compliance regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Finally, nearly 4 years later, there is a court case in London on November 5th this year where we may be allowed to speak for the first time. Surely they could wait until then?

As we warned via the Guernsey press, banning GcMAF caused the 14 most recent of our patients, who had been recovering, to die of their terminal stage 4 cancer. Neither Guernsey nor the MHRA have shown the least sign of remorse – or even interest in their lives.

Jo-Anne Spinks of Guernsey was told by three sets of doctors she had two months to live in 2012 with liver cancer. In 2017 the MHRA got EuroPol to raid Jo-Anne Spinks house in Cyprus, twice, to deny her GcMAF She died in May 2017. The cruelty of government agencies when they are protecting the billions in big pharma profits is astonishing.

Guernsey people could campaign for honest police and courts that obey the law, act with morality, and regard human life as sacrosanct.

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