Apollo / NASA / Mars Bits and Bobs.

With the new rover just having landed (and I didn’t even know that it was on its way), we are well past the 4-year repeat cycle of news that I have noted in my SITSS book – following on from the Curiosity Rover. I would be surprised to see any really new information, considering that very little of significant note has come out into prominence since the 1976 Viking Missions. (Again, read the tinyurl.com/sitsbook for more information!)
The 50th Anniversary of the alleged landing of Apollo 11 will be on 20th July next year. We have already seen an uptick in propaganda with the release of the “First Man” film (which I haven’t seen). Someone sent me a link to a new video which recently appeared. I suspect it is to add to the muddle up. It seems to be a weird collection of clips – with some that do seem to be from the Apollo missions, and are legit, but other clips almost certainly include digital modifications (done pretty well, it seems), dubbed audio – all strung together in a random order. The story of the release is typically vague and no one is named. I haven’t even bothered to see if the alleged film company (Texas State Film Co.) exists now – or back then.

The whole sequence is, to me, reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick Interview Hoax that was released in 2016
I was also advised of a cheesy new NASA Promo Video (saying how wonderful they are)

Years ago, I would have fallen for the “feel good factor” of the video, and not stopped to consider that there is no US manned space programme – and hasn’t been since 2011. The person who sent me the link noted: ============ And note at time 2:05 they still show the trans-lunar burn at the equator despite the fact that in 2005 they started this nonsense about taking the northern trajectory to avoid worst of Van Allen belts. But look back at 1960’s press releases and particularly mission transcripts, not one mention of Van Allen belts. At least they could have asked astronauts if they felt OK after they passed through belts, and what was Geiger counter reading ============
Finally, I was also given a link to a 4-hour presentation studying aspects of the Apollo hoax.

This guy is a skilled amateur astronomer too.

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