The Earth, Mars and Osiris-Rex Bennu Link

Thanks to “Taff” Derek Baker for passing on this 9-minute video by Jean Ward. It is about the “strangely-named” Osiris Rex mission – and its images of the Asteroid Bennu… Some oddities on there and on mars… See what you think…



Associated article with images and links here:



Asteroid Bennu


Yet further evidence of what appears to be a structure with a knob, small dome or feature in the center, this time on an asteroid called Bennu. The anomaly on Bennu looks very similar to others I have found on Mars. Then there are those megaliths with knobs on Earth. The odd shape of Bennu also might hold a clue to what it might be … it looks like two cones joined back-to-back in the shape of a top. When viewed from above it probably appears round. Could Bennu be a craft of some type? Could this perhaps be evidence that the Ancient Builder Race exists and that they erected structures on the Moons and Planets throughout the solar system? Original NASA sources: My Blog Post featuring ‘The Earth, Mars and Osiris-Rex Bennu Link! Existence of Ancient Builder Race Confirmed?:’ Please comment below and let me know what you think. Links to all my other sites: (Mars anomalies) (my website) (weather satellites) (social and political issues) (@RaptorZN_)


Disclaimer: Images saved from within HiView or CTX viewer do not include image scale indicators. The image scale indicators I include in images are based on the official resolutions provided by NASA and although I strive to be as accurate as possible there may be slight deviations from the actual scale. Image scale indicators are included as a size approximation tool only. Geometry lines are mapped as accurately as possible using the limited information, data and mapping tools available at the time, therefore the lines may deviate from target sites by a few kilometres. Revisions may be made in the future as new, more precise information, data and mapping tools become available. Many or all of the anomalies/artefacts covered in this presentation may be naturally occurring geological features caused by some type of geological processes, however due to the lack of specific information from the source we can only speculate whether these are all natural or some artificial in nature. In cases where I say an anomaly looks like something I’m attempting to clarify what I see and not specifically that the anomaly is what I say it looks like. My intention is only to share anomalies I’ve discovered on Mars and not to convince anyone that there is or was a civilization on Mars. As Will Farrar from WhatsUpInTheSky says: “I see what I see, you see what you see.” Atlantis by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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