Video: Sumba to Stonehenge: Moving Megaliths Math & the Mystery of 1 BILLION Chickens!

Thanks to Jack for sending me this interesting 17-minute video. It considers some new aspects of how megalithic monuments/sites were constructed… one being “What did the builders eat…?” Other basic points are clearly illustrated, with the help of a modern megalithic culture – in Indonesia…

I think this indicates that the commonly identified Neolithic peoples/groups “adopted” these monuments – but could not have built them! From the video description:

Sumba Indonesia is the worlds last practicing megalithic culture, they quarry, move, build megaliths by hand. And the math could fall Stonehenge’s neolithic builder hypothesis. Could Stonehenge have been built over a time line of thousands of years, or with thousands of men? This megalithic analysis of manpower, caloric intake and logic raised some megalithic questions. Locations…… Videos Used. Articles…… Guide Daniel, a local guide from Sumba I highly recommend. His number is on my blog and reviews in TripAdvisor.




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