California Governor Acted Unconstitutionally, Ghislaine Maxwell and the “Green Recovery”, Empty COVID Test Stations (Oct 2020),Boxer Speaks Out

California Governor Acted Unconstitutionally, Judge Rules

Peggy Hall explains:……

Similar thoughts/arguments in this article:…


Ghislaine Maxwell and the “Green Recovery”

Look what/who has gone out of the news… This is from 2014 or 2015 and ties in to the “Green Recovery” that WEF and WHO are talking about. Have a listen.…

I think what she was saying relates to this:…

Relates to this:…

“Learn about immunisation’s key role in achieving 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals”

Empty COVID Test Stations (Oct 2020)……

US Boxer Bryce Mitchell Speaks Out

He makes comments after a fight about the situation in Arkansas – 1 person clapped at the end…. Starts at 3:51 into the video.…

Yeah well I have this is the only time that I have a platform to say something and I’ve had something on my mind it’s affected me and a lot of people that I love.

And I’m going to take a lot of criticism for saying what I’m about to say but I’m going to say it anyways – because I feel it needs to be said.  I was driving by elementary school the other day and I’ve seen all these kids outside they’re trying to play on a playground. They’re trying to run around they’re trying to swing on a monkey bars go down the slide and wrestle and play tag and they all got masks on – and I see them out there. Some of them taking their mask off so they can breathe fresh air.  They get fresh air in their lungs when they take the mask off and then you got a teacher walking around pointing at them saying, “Oh put your mask on put your mask on put your mask on and that makes me sick that these kids can’t get fresh air and they’re eight hours a day they’re sitting six feet apart from each other and they can’t…  They can’t breathe fresh air. I don’t agree with that and I just wanna tell Asa Hutchinson “I think you need to have a little bit of backbone because we did not vote for none of that.”

There was no vote that said we want our kids in masks… “we want to wear masks…” “we want our businesses shut down…” “we want our restaurants at half capacity…” “we want our gyms at half capacity…” And I just don’t know who he thinks he is , telling us that we have to shut down our businesses or shut our businesses to halve capacity without a vote.  There was no vote – and if he likes… If he likes shutting down people’s businesses and he likes telling people what to do, he can go to California, because they’ll love him over there.  That’s what they do over there the government’s “all up in people’s business” over there. And we don’t want to live like that… And I’m just asking to get our freedoms back.  And I don’t think that’s much to ask for.

… What I’m saying is, make the mask optional in Arkansas. For people who own restaurants and  people who own businesses make it  optional. Why tell somebody  they have to wear a mask? What if they  don’t want to or what if it affects  their breathing negatively – and gives  them headaches?

You know and here’s another theory I got –  if your mask works so well, why are you  worried about if I’m wearing one?  Don’t you got one on? Why does it matter  if they work so good?  Why are you worried – if I got one, you  wear one… And you worry about you.  Okay? And if you think you’re going sick  stay home if you think you’re gonna get  sick stay home.  That’s all that’s all I’m saying and  I think that taking away our liberties  and taking away our freedoms without a  vote… I don’t think that’s the right answer  and there’s going to be a lot of  criticism and a lot of people attacking  me for saying that. And they’re going to say  I’m a dumb MMA fighter and I got no  sense sharing my opinion. But you know what? I  pay my taxes  so you’re gonna tell me you can take  that money out my pocket tens and  thousands of dollars out of my pocket  that I fought for  and you’re gonna take it out my pocket  and then discredit my opinions and say I  don’t have an opinion?  No, I do have an opinion and it does  matter and if you put it on a vote, I  guarantee you more people in Arkansas  agree with me  than they do masks for everybody.

All I’m  saying is make it  optional. Let the people have a choice  they’re single moms that are waitresses  okay and you’re putting they ain’t got  kids okay they got kids to feed they’re  moms. They’re waitresses  okay. No dads. The restaurants are at half  capacity. That’s half their paycheck.  You’re affecting people’s lives. Asa  Hutchinson open up our restaurants to  full capacity open up our gyms to full  capacity. Or at least give us a vote. But  personally I like the government [to be] the hell  out of my life.  And uh you know like I said there’s  going to be people criticizing me  but uh I feel that needed to be said and  uh – I like breathing in fresh air and if  kids if kids parents want them to wear a  mask that’s fine.   But don’t tell everybody that they have  to wear a mask just because you want to.  You know more people die in car wrecks  than the corona in Arkansas.

In Arkansas it claims to kill 270 people.  The CDC  claims 270 people have died of corona.  Way more people die in car wrecks.  But the interstates ain’t shut down. How  come you ain’t shut down the interstates  Asa? Okay let us drive at our own risk let us  go to Walmart at our own risk let us do  stuff at our own risk.  That’s all that I’m saying and I don’t  think that that’s too much to ask for –  you know?

So say what you want about me  but uh  I had to say that and uh this is the  only platform I have to say any stuff  like that.  And uh there’s a lot of people that I  love that this is affecting negatively.  It’s affecting their businesses it’s  taking money out of their pockets so I  can’t sit here and have this platform  and say nothing.   So I had to say something and I  appreciate y’all for giving me the  platform to say something.  Thank you.

 UK – Businesses Should Stay Open – see below…

Also see:…

Lockdown! If you are a small business you DO NOT have to just roll over and close. Asking you to close is simply an OFFER !!!!!!!

Liverpool gym owners said NO and they are still open !

Put the government on notice of “conditional acceptance” NOW.

This is the highest form of honour, they have made you an OFFER you have ACCEPTED it under CONDITIONS, the ball is then in their court, they MUST rebut your points with clear factual evidence.

I’m even going to write it for you…..


I will conditionally accept your demands on proof of the following,

1)      A document that shows and provides scientific evidence of the testing procedure being used in this country that 100% positively identifies Covid19 otherwise known as Sars cov2 not ANY other type of coronavirus in a living being beyond any reasonable doubt.

2)      You can guarantee and prove that the test being used to justify these “guidelines” will not give a false positive result.

3)      Evidence that this is Law, because it clearly says “guidelines”.

4)      A copy of the two way contract signed by BOTH parties where I agreed to follow these “guidelines”

5)      The government website clearly states Covid19 is no longer considered a HCID, please provide scientific proof of it being highly contagious.

6)      Please clearly define what you mean by a “public health threat”.

7)      Can you confirm the current medical threat to a normal healthy individual (under 75) and confirm how many critically ill healthy people without any underlying conditions (only) there are in ICU so I can make an informed decision on these “guidelines”.

8)      What grounds does an alleged “public health threat” which was downgraded in severity levels in March become of higher importance than the long term threat I face in terms of mental and financial ruin?

9)      Are you willing to accept full liability for any/ all financial, physical and/or mental health problems brought on by following this guideline and closing my business?

10)   Please confirm that these guidelines have been through a risk assessment and will protect me from mental and financial ruin.

11)   Please present me with a copy of the “guidelines” and show me where it specifically names my business.

12)   Where there is no victim there is no crime.


Please explain to me how I am breaking the law by not following these “guidelines” .

Only a reply that meets the following criteria qualifies as a proper and verfied reply.

It must be supported by an affidavit with a full legible, title, wet signature, name and address, signed and sworn or affirmed as being true, correct, complete, certain and on full commercial liability and on penalty of perjury. Any correspondence must only be sent by registered mail. All questions 1-12 MUST be answered clearly.

If no reply in the correct manner is received within seven (7) days it is thereby taken as your assent and agreement.



Kieran, Mark and Andrew Discuss the Current COVID Status in the UK (02 Nov 2020)…

Pulmonary Specialist Speaks Out On The Health Risks Of Wearing Masks & The Lies Surrounding COVID-19


5 NIH studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:












Cloth Mask Study…


Other Mask Studies:………………





First generation of coronavirus vaccines ‘likely to be imperfect,’ UK official warns

And that could well be an understatement……

The chair of the U.K.’s coronavirus task force has warned that the yet-to-be-approved first generation of coronavirus vaccines is “likely to be imperfect” and that the public should remember that “we do not know that we will ever have a vaccine at all.”




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