Miami Building Collapse – John McCafee Death/Suicide/Murder – Updated

 The earlier version of this posting was sent in error and missed out the comments and my video – which now below.

I received about 10 emails about the Miami building – but I think it’s just bad construction/old age. Not steel framed, I don’t think. Could be predictive, but I think it’s not quite near enough the time yet. But I haven’t really studied it at all (been too busy really). If the collapse had been linked to a UFO sighting, it would be even more suspicious I feel. Remember, Dr Judy Wood investigated the WTC destruction for about 3 years before posting anything – so what can be determined with certainty in just 3 days? Anyone been to the area to interview witnesses?

I am a bit suspicious of the story about McCafee having an apartment in a building somewhere in the area where this building collapsed – why would he tell people on Twitter where his files are located? OK, so he didn’t give an exact address, but still… And they’d know where his apartment/unit was – so they could just raid that I think? See Daily Mail link below – did they create this story as click bait?


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John McAfee Repeatedly Warned He Would Be ‘Suicided’ In Jail ‘A La Epstein,’ Called Out ‘Deep State’ Days Before Arrest……

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