Richard D Hall Update and Truth Summit. 21 Interviews with Important Truth Tellers – Online “Event” 12-23 June

Firstly, note the new email address I’ve included for this update: newsupdate@checkthee… – please add this to your whitelist!

If you haven’t seen Richard D Hall’s latest update, please see…. I will also probably give another update on his case in the next week or so.

Secondly, a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Elsa Scheider about the 9/11 Research I’ve been involved with since 2004/5. Much of the information I gave to Elsa was new to her. She had previously interviewed Richard Gage as part of her “Truth Summit” online event (I explained to her what he had been up to). Please read what she sent me, below and consider supporting the Truth Summit initiative, which she has invested quite a bit of time in. All the interviews will be available, free, for 2 days, I understand. (She wants to try and recoup some of the costs to her in setting up the event.)

There is also going to be a panel discussion on 27th or 28th June (register on the site to get updates).


Andrew Johnson was interviewed for a Truth Summit:

Who are these people? And what truths are covered? 

You can see more about everyone here:…


As for what topics are covered, here’s the overview.

Week One:
Mon, June 12 – The Injustice System
Tues, June 13 – Medical Malpractice 
Wed, June 14 – Crimes against Children 
Thurs, June 15 – Local Activism Plus 
Fri, June 16 – The Darkness Made Visible

Week Two: 
Mon, June 19 – Communist Infiltration 
Tues, June 20 – The Money Predators 
Wed, June 21 – Truth vs Deception 
Thurs, June 22 – Systematic Evil 
Fri, June 23 – Truth Telling

To get reminders about who is on, here is the link again:…


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