The Tesla Conspiracy

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-22 01:04:30

The Life of Tesla Mark DeMucha discussed the life and work of the brilliant scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. DeMucha is conducting a grassroots campaign to gather funding for a proposed feature film, The Tesla Conspiracy, in which a graduate student recreates Tesla’s experiments. Through the film he hopes to bring greater awareness to Tesla’s ideas and how there has been an effort to suppress his free energy concepts in order to preserve the fossil fuel status quo.DeMucha shared details that he gleaned from his research about Tesla: The early death of his brother pushed him in a neurotic direction, and he exhibited obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Tesla originally admired Edison but then was stiffed by him in a financial agreement. Mark Twain was in Tesla’s inner circle and Tesla credits reading Twain’s books as helping him recover from cholera. Tesla received a number of his ideas in telepathic flashes. DeMucha listed alternating current, the induction motor and the Tesla coil as being among his most prominent inventions, but Tesla also developed the ability to harness microwaves, created both neon and fluorescent lights and was the first person to ever take an X-ray photo. Download the audio here:   www.checktheevidence…   19 megs download, approx 1hr 50 playback time   One of the callers reports witnessing a working antigravity disk experiment.

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