New 7/7 Inquiry Now Completed

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-05 15:02:13

      Much criticism has been made of Tony Blair’s continuing decision not to hold any inquiry into the events of July 7 05 in London. However, the said inquiry is now not needed as Patrick Rattigan has completed same.   LONDON JULY 7 05 :  RESULTS  OF THE INQUIRY As  the July 7, 07.40 Luton to London train  was cancelled and with the next train arriving at Kings Cross at 08.42 how did the four bombers manage to leave Kings Cross, reach the underground, wait for and then board the different tubes, get into position and self-explode in 7 minutes? A: They were all athletes. Why , with the saturation CCTV coverage – entrances, escalators, platforms, carriages – of London Underground, was there no footage to be found of the suicide bombers? A: All of the cameras packed up at the same time. How did they find a still photograph of the four bombers from the Luton Station CCTV coverage? A: The camera briefly righted itself ; then went down again. Why does white-hat-man, in the photograph, in front of the railings, have a railing half-way through his face and cutting off his lower left arm? A: He had had a rough night. Why, with no previous connections to any militant groups did the suicide bombers choose to die and kill for Islam?  A: They were all overnight converts. Why did the four carry wallets full of ID? A: They wanted their families, friends and the Muslim community to be abused and harassed. Why did they not shout the standard Islamic proclamation, Allahu Akbar, before committing suicide and murder? A: They did not want to startle anyone. Why did they buy return tickets? A: In case they changed their minds. Why did they buy pay & display parking tickets? A: They did not want the hire car company to have to pay a fine.  Why was the carriage floor damage in an upwards direction? A: They clung to the underside of the train. How did the police know so much so quickly?  A: Extra-sensory perception. Why was Israeli Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told not to leave his hotel room – Great Western, adjacent to Liverpool Street Station?   A: A man was selling pork pies outside the hotel. Why did the suicide bus bomber go to back seat of the top deck?  A: To minimise damage. Why was this no.30 bus the only bus to be re-directed, off its usual route, by the police?  A: They had a premonition. Why did they not tell the passengers?  A: They did not want to look silly if they were wrong. Why did the man who had just bought a new Mercedes commit suicide. A: He wished he had bought a Porsche.                         Pat Rattigan  

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