Recent Dan Burisch Interview with Jeff Rense

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-03 11:52:01

I recently revisited this story and found his interview very interesting. Of particular interest was his  mention of : Dr Len Horrowitz The Voynich Manuscript/Document, about which I saw a TV documentary a few years ago (…) His description of being shown how one of the Pyramids (in Egypt) was constructed Access the 5 hours here:…   Or the compressed and edited versions here:   www.checktheevidence…   www.checktheevidence… It’s a tough one though – his “manner of disclosure” still seems rather odd to me – for example when he mentions the Voynich Manuscript he says “I promised I wasn’t going to say the name of it, so Marcia, you say it…” Andrew  

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