Join a Cry from Istanbul

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-08-05 21:28:01

Please consider e-mailing your support to the address below. Forward to others. We can make a difference. If you haven’t looked at yet, I strongly advise you to do so at your earliest opportunity. You are going to need this information sooner rather than later.   The names on the list at the bottom and the University mentioned is real.   Apologies to those who already know about ST911 and those who have already had copies of this message.   Sign this statement if your conscience lets you, and send it to friends.  (See below for instructions.)   Let us not sit idly by as Nazi clones engage in mass murder.     WE ACCUSE:   G.W. Bush, T. Blair, and E. Olmert, the chief executives of the imperialist, colonialist, belligerent policies and actions of the US-British-Israeli coalition — of perpetrating the composite crimes of war of annihilation, occupation, and the premeditated mass murder of children and civilians in Palestine and Lebanon, of following their atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq and foreboding the same in Syria and Iran, and of sinking into utter barbarity in transgression of all universal norms of human morality.   THE FOLLOWING ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE:   All government employees and agents, advisors, civil and military functionaries who partake in collective and individual responsibility in these states; the legislative and judicial branches that have not curbed the criminal activities of their governments as they violate basic human rights (most significantly the right to live) and as they trample international legal norms and commit crimes against humanity; universities, media, intellectuals, workers and citizens who do not restrain and sanction their governments through domestic democratic channels; the UNITED NATIONS and other national and international bodies that actively or passively support, aid and abet this illegality, crude force, and aggression.   All bear responsibility for the catastrophe that is taking place.   WE DEMAND:   An immediate cessation of this horror, the due trial in international tribunals, as well as in the courts of conscience and history, of, above all, Bush, Blair, and Olmert as perpetrators of crimes against humanity, of their respective government agents and supporters, of the chief executives and state personnel in all countries that have been accomplices to these crimes against humanity, and their removal from office by the lawful and democratic initiatives of their respective citizenry.   AND WE DECLARE:   We stand at a critical juncture in human history. These aggressive, colonialist, exploitative, and militarist practices are negating the achievements of humanity, destroying the basic pillars of international law, and thus, threatening the present and the future of this planet. We refuse to submit to this brutal force and be accomplices to its crimes. We refuse to give in to the (il)logic of blood-fed economies and lethal war machines. We declare that we will continue to struggle for a different world.   If you support this declaration, please inform us at… ASAP for us to include your signature in the first round of signatories to be sent to the press.  It would also be very kind of you if you could circulate this text among your friends and e-mail groups.   You can have further information regarding the number of signatories, the press coverage and other developments by contacting the above e-mail address.   Cordially,   Perihan Magden                        Aysegul Altinay Latife Tekin                                    Zeynep Caglayan Gambetti Yildirim Turker                                    Taha Parla Koray Caliskan   Bogazici University Department of Political Science and International Relations Bebek, Istanbul 34342

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