Boston 911 Tea Party

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-02-14 20:02:28

From Michael Marino:      I videotaped a 9/11 Protest held in San Francisco bythe Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance in solidarity with the Boston9/11 Tea Party for Truth on the 233rd Anniversary of the original BostonTea Party when patriots then dumped British tea into their bay.  In ourcurrent protest facsimiles of the Official 9/11 Commission Reportwere ceremoniously thrown into our respective Bays. We are now making thevideo available streaming Online or as a DVD from our, and I am contacting everyone who might enjoy it. Ifyou would please forward our story and website address to others who mightpost a link to our website, I would greatly appreciate it. Attached is aBanner for our website.  Thank you for your help.          Best Wishes,          Michael Marino  

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