Producer Struggles to Defend Flaws & Bias of BBC Hit Piece

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-02-21 11:54:22… Producer Struggles to Defend Flaws & Bias of BBC Hit PieceGuy Smith says ‘we can debate these issues all day’ without being able to debate any of them Paul Joseph Watson & Alex JonesPrison PlanetTuesday, February 20, 2007 The producer of the BBC Conspiracy Files documentary, a poorly researched and bias hit piece against the 9/11 truth movement, appeared on the Alex Jones Show yesterday and struggled to defend charges that the program was laden with glaring flaws and crass emotional manipulation throughout. Judge for yourself by listening to the MP3 audio. Smith began by claiming that he conducted the investigation in an “objective and balanced way” and yet there were as many as thirteen individuals representing the official story or a whitewash version of it versus just three individuals representing 9/11 skepticism. How can a more than four to one ratio be judged as balanced? In addition, the debunkers were allowed to talk at length while the skeptics were tightly edited and had extremely little on screen time. Smith is completely dishonest in claiming the evidence alone led the nature of the documentary because the way in which it is filmed and edited clearly betrays an overwhelming bias and a zeal to discredit the skeptics by means of editorial deceit and cinematic manipulation of the audience. Smith was forced to state “no I’m not denying that” when he was questioned on the imbalance of having four times the amount of debunkers compared to skeptics. Dylan Avery’s first question for Guy Smith was to ask, “How can I drop out of something I never attended.” In the hit piece, the narrator calls Avery a “self-confessed dropout,” a clear smear attempt to undermine his trustworthiness, when in reality Avery never even attended college. Smith bizarrely tried to wriggle out of this basic factual error by claiming that in England the term “dropout” doesn’t mean to drop out of college or University, but merely to go a different route. Being British, I immediately confirmed that dropout, in the overwhelming majority of its usage and certainly in this context, means to have attended University or school and dropped out. It means the same thing in England that it does in America and a simple search of the BBC News website shows that the term ‘dropout’ is almost always used in this context. In claiming otherwise, Smith is dishonestly trying to hide from the fact that the term was deliberately used to undermine and smear Avery in the documentary. Trying to change the meaning of words in the context they are used is a crass attempt to deflect accusations of bias and Smith needs to take a long and serious look at himself in the mirror. When asked about the deliberate implosion of the twin towers, Smith responded, “We looked into that and we came to the conclusion that the evidence just doesn’t support the conspiracy theory.” Unfortunately for Mr. Smith, the evidence the BBC was using to illustrate its ridiculous “pancake theory” collapse scenario, which was so implausible that even official NIST investigators had to back away from it, was a graphic animation that shows just ten floors collapsing every six seconds, meaning the BBC is telling us that the twin towers took around 66 seconds to collapse when in reality they fell in just fourteen.   Above (see top linked page) is an excellent debunking of this animation and below you can see how the BBC used it to support their flawed case.   When challenged on this flaw, all Mr. Smith could say was “it’s not misleading,” despite the fact that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can look at it and see that it is. Guy Smith will probably recoil in embarrassment at the You Tube explanation above when he realizes he has used a completely flawed animation as the central supporting evidence for his advocacy of the official conspiracy theory that two modern 110 story steel buildings were demolished into small pieces and dust in under sixteen seconds without the use of incendiary devices. When challenged why Smith failed to include the words of just one of the dozens and dozens of first responders, police and firefighters who heard and saw explosions, and namely Craig Bartmer, the former NYPD official who heard bombs tear down Building 7 as he ran away from it, Smith at first claimed ignorance to who Bartmer was, even though he had met and interviewed him at Dylan Avery’s home. —————————————————————————————————————The Internet leader in activist media – Prison Thousands of special reports, videos, MP3’s, interviews, conferences, speeches, events, documentary films, books and more – all for just 15 cents a day! Click here to subscribe!————————————————————————————————————— Smith says that he tried to “go back to primary sources, to eyewitnesses” when in reality the show gave 10 minutes to a Hollywood sci-fi producer of a show that went off the air five years ago, and there was no coverage whatsoever of the primary eyewitnesses who reported bombs and explosions, just one selective clip of a fireman talking about damage to Building 7’s sprinkler system. When challenged with why he didn’t even mention firefighters who reported bombs, never mind use any of the literally dozens of video clips and audio segments from the official NYFD tapes, Smith had no answer and began talking about people who had complained that he gave too much air time to “conspiracy theorists,” implying that a ratio of four to one in favor of the debunkers was not enough. Smith began to sound like a broken record at this point, repeating the line ‘we could debate this all day’ and variations of it without ever actually being able to debate or defend the numerous flaws and bias throughout his hit piece. The producer had the gall to claim he had looked at the evidence in an “objective and dispassionate” way when the documentary was laden from beginning to middle to end with emotional manipulation about how asking questions about 9/11 was insulting and hurtful to the victims, a ludicrous and cynical attempt to discredit the 9/11 truth movement. In reality, Bill Doyle, who lost his son in the attack, and represents the largest group of 9/11 victim’s family members, says that over half of his members are asking the same questions, not to mention the Jersey Girls and numerous polls of New Yorkers that consistently show the majority believe there is a government cover-up surrounding 9/11. When challenged on the notion that Smith had already come to a conclusion before filming for the show had even finished and therefore betraying an implicit bias, in addition to Alex Jones’ claim that Smith laughed off 9/11 “conspiracy theories” in a restaurant meeting months before the show was aired, Smith stuttered before claiming he went into the project with an “open mind.” I would suggest Mr. Smith’s blatant and offensive bias in producing this sham documentary comes as a result of his zeal to maintain his perch in the media establishment peanut gallery and on the BBC gravy train. Maybe it’s Mr. Smith’s fear that because of journalistic cowardice in tackling the weapons of mass destruction farce, he realizes his role in the media is under threat – because people don’t trust the mainstream any more and are increasingly turning to the alternative press in search of truth. The Conspiracy Files charade will ultimately only fan the flames of 9/11 truth even more, being that its flawed evidence, inherent bias and manipulative smear tactics will be obvious to those who still maintain the ability to think for themselves.

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