The Exopolitical Cosmic Trigger

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-05-30 19:48:31

The Cosmic Trigger – Exopolitics UK Talk to Alfred Lambremont Webre   Alfred Webre will have people knocking furiously at his door when planetary shifts become more obvious and the collective consciousness needs a degree of guidance. He piles his vast experience as a futurist, lawyer, ecologist, disaster preparedness expert and savy political activist into the growing exopolitics movement.   In this audio session we get discuss a number of issues that interface with the field including:   The interactive exopolitics scientific revolution, the exopolitics model, 100th monkey syndrome, 9/11 and sequestered tech, paradigm shifts and disclosure, the exopolitical meme as a re-evolution of consciousness, Jim Sparks, Gary McKinnon and human rights, amnesty, ETI prime directives and the problematic interfacing with military/intel structures, hybrid  and genetic ‘outreach’, evolutionary bootstrapping and genetic upgrading,  language, telepathy and visual communication.….   or    

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