The Last Card

There have been a number of revelations in recent weeks and months regarding the ET/UFO subject – a few of these are shown in the videos below. What might this suggest?

I think the use of DEW technology to destroy the WTC is quite inline with "stacking the deck" for a potential "False Flag Alien Invasion", though there is work for PTB to do yet, in lessening the ridicule factor to make the "threat" credible (which perhaps why a series of more "credible" news reports have been seen over the last few years – Fox News Mexico Lights in 2004, Former Gov of Arizona, Fife Symington last month, Chicago O’Hare have all broken through into the mainstream). Here are video clips to illustrate these thoughts:

Dr Carol Rosin’s Disclosure Project Testimony /

Indepence Day Clip and WTC Destruction…

Governor of Arizona – Fife Symnington

Steve Bassett on Fox News re Mexican Military Film


Significant sighting at Chicago O’Hare Airport


Steve Bassett Discusses the "ET Ticket" on Fox News Channel (Bill Richardson is Governeor of New Mexico)…

Walter Haut’s Roswell Testimony (Released in June 2007)…

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