Submit an FOIA Request to the CAA and DfT re Chemtrails

If you want to spend a few minutes advising the CAA and the DfT that you think "something is wrong", please consider using the information given below:
1) Get a digital camera.
2) Set the time and date correctly.
3) Wait for distinct chemtrail patterns (parallel lines, x’s grids etc) to appear in a location near you.
4) Note the location of these "items"
5) Use the page below (which has a link to an online request form) to submit a Freedom of Information Request to the CAA like the one I’ve given below.
Alternatively, use the one I’ve given below. Forward this to anyone who may share your concern. I am going to do a 3rd press release to include this information. The idea here is to apply gentle and repeated pressure, rather than being done with the expectation of getting any useful answers to the important questions…. (and at least we can say we have been through the formal channels to anyone who asks).
Please be polite etc!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been looking at some data regarding persistent aircraft trails therefore making a freedom of information request as follows.

1) Can you please provide a list of flights which travelled over the Derby area between 9pm and 10pm on 10th June 2005?

2) Can you please verify that some of these flight paths crossed at 90 approximately degrees in the same area?

3) Can you please provide a list of flights travelling over Markeaton Park Derby between 14:15 and 16:45 on 4th Feb 2007 – and verify that there were at least 42 planes during that period?

For your convenience I can provide the unretouched pictures of the Grid and lhere are inks to Google Maps of the location of Markeaton Park, Derby:…

(Lat/Long 52.935129 / -1.505260)

Thank you for any help you can provide in supplying or pointing me in the direction of this data.

Yours Sincerely,

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