New Paper on Destruction of WTC Published

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-08-19 17:39:47

Either go to   www.911scholarsrevie…   and click on “NOW HERE”, or to   www.911scholarsrevie…   and once there, see *WTC Dust Clouds Energetics and Implications*, by Kurt King. Has its own URL, but that’s a pdf, ie will download once you click it. So you do need Adobe Acrobat to capture it (or a friend with one).   The author works things out in *detail*. If you don’t really like to read through calculations, he boxes these up so you can “fast-forward” through them. If you like calculations, or feel like challenging yourself and checking them out, you will be impressed at the thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail; i was.   He starts where Jim Hoffman left off 3-4 years ago in his own dust cloud calculations, which used Jerry Russel’s calculations of the energy required just to turn the towers’ concrete to dust as a starting point, and proceeded to figure out how much more would be needed to expand the dust clouds to observed sizes. He refines both these calculated sums. His conclusion: Not only did those buildings not fall due to plane impacts and fires, but conventional explosives cannot possibly explain the observed phenomena. Whether or not thermite or thermate (or therm-it or therm-mute) was used is rendered irrelevant. He does not make a decision as to what *was* used, only what *wasn’t*. This is not a polemic (and polemics have their  moments too), but a solid work of science.    

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