Clintons meet Laurance Rockefeller

Grant Cameron

Grant explained that he has been waiting to get these photos for 10 years. He was recently featured on FOX in relation to his FOIA work:…

Higher resolution versions of the photos here.

For the background to all this see:


Part of FOIA 2006-0547-F

As Woolsey supposedly only met with the President twice, this is a rare pic

P13400-21  16Mar1994  Woolsey (Small).jpg

There are some pics on this FOIA withheld. They will be appealed.

P28314-24a  23May1995  Rockefeller (Small).jpg

The first— Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton August 21, 1995 at the JY Ranch


This is in response to FOIA 2006- 0546-F

P31195-02  21Aug1995  Rockefeller (Small).jpg

Second pic of Hillary at the JY ranch with Rockefeller on Aug 21, 1995. This is the week when the famous UFO meeting occured with Bill, Hillary, and Rockefeller


(Question for David Rudiak of Roswell memo fame. What book is Hillary holding?)


P31195-17  21Aug1995  Rockefeller (Small).jpg


This is still part of FOIA 2006-0546-F

P31195-26  21Aug1995  Rockefeller (Small).jpg


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