The Hutchison Effect and the Destruction of the WTC Complex

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-01-13 19:02:03

Attachments :…   Many people have asked or challenged if a Directed Energy Weapon  destroyed what the WTC Complex, then Dr Judy Wood should be able to say what type of weapon was used.   Here, then, is a summary of a “class of technology” that could well have been used in the destruction.   Please spread this information far and wide. The Destruction of the WTC and “The Hutchison Effect” In considering how the WTC complex was destroyed, many people have criticised the research posted here because it does not state or describe the exact technology employed.These pages include data which strongly implicates a class of technology as being one of the main ones used.The data below seem to strongly tie up with features of what has become known as “The Hutchison Effect”. The Hutchison Effect actually seems to describe a range of observed characteristics, some of which are listed below. John Hutchison is a Canadian inventor and experimental scientist who has been experimenting with “field effects” for almost 30 years. There is a great deal of information about him on the internet, and a selection is linked from this set of pages.The table below lists effects and events seen at or in the vicinity of World Trade Center and compares those with observed characteristics of the Hutchison Effect. Clearly, the posting of this material is quite controversial, but even in the various documentaries that have featured John Hutchison, he has suggested that the techniques he has discovered and developed have been further refined by places like Lockheed Skunkworks, S.A.I.C. (Science Applications International Corp.), and also by perhaps other defense companies. Radio interview with Art Bell and David Sereda, 6/4/05, a few months before the NIST report was published, [excerpt: (mp3)(1.6 MB)]; [entire show: (mp3) (19.5 MB)]Please view the rest of the pages here, where more aspects of the effects are considered, and the conclusion seems to be that some type of technology which utilises features of the Hutchison Effect was employed in the destruction of the WTC complex. Phenomenon “The Hutchison Effect” Anomalies at the WTC Weird Fires The fires seen near the toasted cars don’t seem to ignite the paper. Some photos show firemen walking very or even through them. Are they “cold” fires? JJ1.htmlJJ2.html Bent Beams Samples that John Hutchison has produced show very unusual effects on the metal – sometimes severe bending occurs JJ4.html Jellification  Sometimes the metal “jellifies” – other effects are also seen. JJ4.html Thinning, Transmutation, and Rapid Aging   > JJ1.htmlJJ5.html Cars/Lift and Disintegration Some WTC pictures show cars that are upside down. (How?) One of the key effects John Hutchison has reproduced many times is a “levitation” or “anti-gravity” effect. Objects are sometimes seen to levitate or if they don’t, they disintegrate. These effects are seen in this video clip JJ1.html Toasted Metal & EffectsA number metal effects have been observed in samples from the WTC and these show similar features to some of the samples made by John Hutchison JJ1.html Transmutation Sometimes, materials subjected to the Hutchison Effect seem to change at an elemental level – could this be the explanation for the rapid rusting – steel is turned into Iron? JJ1.htmlJJ5.html Holes > JJ4.html Fuming > JJ3.html.

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