PRG Press Release – and horizontal exopolitical info sharing

From: David Griffin

Date: 2008-04-30 02:37:00

This is a truly ground-breaking collection of positive disclosure based ideas and action.Using these core documents and goals, should we attempt to make the summer of 2008 an real make or break push for getting something solid into mainstream consciousness. This will build onto the heavy undercurrent of change in the exopolitical area which I’m sure we’re all feeling move dynamically from both top-down and grass-roots upwards in it’s effectiveness. I firmly believe that waves of information – certainly *novel* information – is gyre or spiral-like in its flow or ingression to all layers of society and consciousness. Novel information, such as that surrounding the interfacing of first-contact off-planet cultures, is the only entity that bypasses the law of thermodynamic wind-down in a system. Thus by coherently and transparently mapping exopolitical concepts into an interactive framework with public consensus we now have a real chance at bootstrapping culture into a galactic sense of being, The present geopolitical situation demands action NOW as from where many of us are looking, reality has taken on a fragile or plastic like construction and along with the blatant information acceleration we could now have a profound impact of evolutionary direction ie: taking us away from the cliff edge of annihilation and instead shifting humanity to a more progressive, co-operative way of viewing the world and its many other galactic inhabitants.
Action! – Macrocosm and Microcosm –  An Exopolitical Gestalt Approach.
It may be more effective if some of us act locally and merge these ideas and logistics into a form that is easily digested by people who are part of our own countries cultures and political/educational structures. Plan C and the UN-ETI re-Minder can be worked on by local individuals and groups to see how they can maximise their effectiveness and outcomes. If we develop a good online system, we can share what works with the core originators and other interested parties at the Exopolitics Institute, EWN, Scott’s PeaceRoom and so on. I mentioned this before – but do we think it’s worthwhile to establish a second list/group for this purpose? I’m happy to create some rough strategy for the UK, above and beyond what’s already planned centrally, and sift through the approach with other countries reps. Feel free to email me off-list if need be. david@exopolitics.or… – pls note I’m hectically busy for the next week with a couple of presentation and workshops in England though. davID, UK– On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 6:51 PM, Paradigm Research Group wrote: Paradigm Research Group        Washington, DC – The following announcements regarding matters arising from and related to X-Conference 2008 were made at the PRG National Press Club press conference on April 21, 2008.   Full video at: Joseph Buchman – Candidate, Utah 1st Congressional District Joseph Geddes Buchman, PhD announced his candidacy to represent Utah’s First Congressional District.  This is notable as he will be the third candidate on the November ballot in a federal election directly speaking to the issues regarding extraterrestrial-related phenomena and a government imposed embargo on full disclosure to the American people.  The first was Jimmy Carter in the 1976 presidential election.  The second was Stephen Bassett in the 2002 congressional election.  Dr. Buchman is running on the Libertarian ticket.Pull press release at: Implementation of UNGA Decision 33/426 (1978) Initiative Four non-governmental organizations have launched a joint initiative to urge the implementation of a historic UN General Assembly Decision concerning extraterrestrial life and UFOs, adopted on December 18, 1978. This year marks the 30th anniversary of UN General Assembly Decision 33/426 that invited: “Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects.” The Decision further invited Member States to “inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.”  Text of the UN Decision 33/426 at:  Full press release at: Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth (P.E.A.C.E. Inc) – Plan C P.E.A.C.E. Inc. presented a new global research and action program, Plan C, at the X-Conference.   Plan C is designed to prepare the global public for disclosure of and ultimately contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that may have been interacting with Earth from the beginning of humankind.  Additionally, it will influence the strategies of disclosure by countries that have, up to now, denied and disinformed the world about these historic relationships.Full press release at: Vanguard Cinema – The Phoenix Lights Documentary Vanguard Cinema announced the release of an enhanced version of Dr. Lynne Kitei’s documentary, The Phoenix Lights.   Dr. Kitei will be doing media appearances in support of the film including Fox News, NBC’s Dateline and other programs.Full press release at: Rob Simone – UFOs IN THE HEADLINES: Real Reporting On a Real Phenomenon Author Rob Simone announced the release of his new book UFOs in the Headlines: Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon in which he examines the UFO/ET subject from a journalistic perspective.  With over 200 photographs of actual newspaper clippings, the book gives an overview of the hard-hitting and diverse range of UFO news stories from over 10 countries.                          Full press release at: Contact:  Stephen Bassett, Executive Director, 202-215-8344 If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or you wish to update your profile, please click here.

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