Nov 1st 2008 – Asserting The British Constitution

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-05-30 10:50:28

Attachments :   A conference on: –   Asserting The British Constitution   Actions Not Words                                                                  At the conference we will: – ·         Declare the supremacy of the British Constitution. ·         Declare the Lisbon Treaty illegal, thus rejecting the European Constitution. ·         Renounce EU citizenship. ·         Reject the authority of the European Court of Justice, ·         Declare our own courts supreme – under the rule of our laws. ·         Reject the authority of the unelected European Commission. ·         Declare our status as ‘Freemen on the Land’ ·         Assert  our independent of the EU. ·         Declare the EU flag and its symbols offensive & ban them. ·         Declare the 1972 European Communities Act – unconstitutional and illegal ·         Declare the Act of European Union unconstitutional and illegal. ·         Establish a council of governance. ·         Swear allegiance to our constitution and our cause. ·         Declare our intent to reclaim our fishing waters – for our fishermen ·         Declare our intent to defend our farmers – so that they can feed us ·         Refuse to carry iD cards – the modern day ball and chain. ·         Declare our right to privacy from the state. ·         Declare that acts of treason have been committed… and name names.   This conference sets in motion real action to wrestle control of our country back from the EU.  We no longer trust the political system that claims authority to govern us – it is corrupt and we reject it. We will establish our own system of independent governance. Our strategy will be explained in detail.   Our authority to govern ourselves stems from our birthright, our constitution, our courage and determination to say enough is enough.  We reject all laws made by traitors or foreign un-elected & self-appointed elites.   As our numbers grow, so will our authority. We represent those who declare with us. Those who wish to submit to the authority of a new constitution are free to do so – but we will not.   It is not for a foreign court to tell us the laws that will or will not govern us, that will be for us to decide.   IT IS IMPERITIVE THAT YOU ATTEND.   It is up to each one of us to act. This is our country and it is our responsibility to defend it. Numbers are vital to demonstrate our commitment to the cause of securing freedom from the EU. We will lead and others will follow. This is not a talking shop, this is the first stage in a series of real actions to assert our independence and claim back control of our country from the EU – we are not talking and we are not negotiating – we are doing.   All attendees will swear an allegiance to the British Constitution and our cause of freedom from the EU. Our authority will emerge from this commitment and the numbers who declare with us. Numbers will carry the day and will demonstrate to the world at large the seriousness of our intent.   We are setting in motion the wheels of new governance and in doing so we will bring ourselves into direct confrontation with this government. We are rebelling against a corrupt and duplicitous political regime.   When tyranny becomes law – rebellion is a duty   Join us:  To register for the conference (1st Nov 2008 in Birmingham Venue to be advised) Please call on 0791 803 3813 – £10 voluntary donation please to cover cost of venue. Cheques, credit/debit cards accepted.   The conference is arranged by: – The British Constitution Group.(We are an independent action group  – we owe no allegiance to any political party whatsoever.)

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