More Crop Circle Formations

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-07-27 23:18:10

Some new stuff…  Update New Formations! The height of the crop circle season is really kicking in now and we have four new formations to report. The weather has been set hot and dry over the last week or so and the fields have been thronging with visitors to the circles.More pictures of these formations will be be posted on our website shortly. Wayland’s Smithy, Oxon, UK 
27th July 2008 – Wheat
600ft approx.

This breath-taking formation has to be one of the best so far this season. Located in the same field as the famous ‘Towers’ formation of 2006, close to the Wayland’s Smithy long-barrow.
This formation is yet another ingenious marriage of the circle and the square – a square made from circles in fact!

Beckhampton, Wilts, UK
26th July 2008 – Wheat
200ft approx.

This formation looks like a necklace in the landscape complete with clasp. The three circles to the left occurred earlier in the season. Many semi-circles combine to create the outer perimeter pattern.

East Field, Alton Barnes, Wilts, UK
27th July 2008 – Wheat
100ft approx.

This pretty flower formation appeared this morning and is the second circle to appear in Alton Barnes’ famous East Field.

Honey Street, Alton Barnes, Wilts
27th July 2008 – Wheat
30ft approx

This small but neat circle appeared close-by to three similar sized circles that had appeared in this field some weeks earlier.

All photos copyright Steve Alexander 2008 Please donate to our flight fund… Please donate to our flight fundWith the height of the crop circle season now upon us we more than ever need to raise vital funds to keep us flying. The circles appear thick and fast during this time of the year meaning an increased number of flights are needed to record them all.All donations no matter how small are always very welcome and really do make a difference. Click on the button below to find out about making a donation to our work…And while there please have a look at all the pictures, books and DVDs we have on our shop. Sales of all these items helps to fund our work too, and many make great gifts.   Thank-you. Please pass on this email and details of our website to anyone you think might be interested and help raise awareness of this amazing phenomenon. About our Website This website is the online home of Steve Alexander (photographer) and Karen Alexander (writer), who have been recording and reporting the crop circle phenomenon in the UK for almost 15 years.Our site aims to provide a world-wide-web portal into the magical fields of England reporting the circles as they happen, providing all kinds of related information as well as giving pointers and directions to other sources for further investigation. See our CROP CIRCLE FAQ for general background information on the phenomenon.Steve and Karen are perhaps best know for their book CROP CIRCLES: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries and the CROP CIRCLE YEAR BOOK series (1999-2007) which are the only annually published books on the subject.This website contains hundreds of images of the crop circles in our IMAGE LIBRARY, – one of the largest on the web. Steve’s images of the crop circles have graced media, documentaries and cinematic films worldwide for over ten years, his crop circle images are generally acknowledged as some of the best available in the world. The library section also includes details on licensing our images for media, publishing and advertising. Anyone can browse this extensive library for free!All the very latest pictures can be seen in our LATEST IMAGES section, however, we can keep you updated on the latest circles when you SUBSCRIBE to our free newsletter. We send images of the latest circles directly to your inbox! You can also keep up with news and information with our CROP CIRCLE BLOG written by respected researcher Michael Glickman.Our exclusive ONLINE SHOP stocks our Crop Circle Year Books (not widely available anywhere else), along with signed copies of our Signs, Wonders & Mysteries book. We also have an extensive collection of photographic prints for sale from small 7 x 5 inch Crop Circle Prints to large Poster Prints ideal for framing. For those wanting access to images on their PC we also have a selection of Photo CDs. Our shop also carries a selection of interesting books by other authors and copies of our Crop Circle DVDs. Sales from our shop directly help to fund our ongoing recording of the phenomenon.If you are considering visiting Wiltshire and southern England to see the crop circles you might find our section on VISITING THE CIRCLES useful and why not time your visit to coincide with our annual crop circle conference THE SUMMER CROP CIRCLE LECTURES. In addition to lectures, the conference runs a crop circle coach tour and other events to help give you a good introduction to the phenomenon. Steve Alexander Photography, 27 St. Francis Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 2UG, UNITED KINGDOM — Frank Da Silva :: DMT-Labs:

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