Bush administration had a hand in causing US Credit crunch

From: Clive Denton

Date: 2008-09-17 11:13:17

Bush administration had a hand in causing US Credit crunch   Just weeks after Eliot Spritzers’ article “Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime” was published in the Washington Post Eliot Spritzers’ career was over. Due to details of an FBI investigation in to his alleged private life being leaked to the press his career as New York Governor was over and he was discredited and shamed by a frenzy of US media coverage.   Was he right and was he divulging to much of the truth?   Read his article and bear in mind the events of the last two days with one of Americas biggest Lenders going bankrupt and stock markets falling in to total chaos around the world as a result of the bankruptcy.   www.washingtonpost.c…     Taking in to account what Spritzer said in his article the following News reports will come as no real surprise to you.   US government rescues insurer AIGThe US Federal Reserve announces an $85bn rescue package for AIG, the country’s biggest insurance company.   Read Full Report   It’s not just affecting the US it’s also affecting the UK.   Is Halifax next? Crunch time as Britain’s biggest mortgage leader loses a third of its value in 48 hours Britain’s biggest mortgage lender has suffered another catastrophic day on the stock market. Shares in HBOS, owner of the Halifax, dropped 40 per cent before staging a partial recovery.   Read Full Report     Despite some recent media (Fox) pundits giving overly optimistic reports the true experts warn us that this will get worse before it gets any better, but it will never get any better for the millions of people who are losing or have lost their property and life savings.   The big question to ask yourself is, will we ever be able to return to normal in light that all this “Credit Crunch” was created by a greedy and powerful Dark Order.   Clive  

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