Is Alex Jones worried about “September Clues”?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-09-30 14:18:21

Following a forum posting   forum.911movement.or…   I found out that that on Sat 20th Sep, Richard Curtis was Kevin Barrett’s guest on his WTPRN show “Truth Jihad Radio” – A caller – Robert from Arizona – called in to talk about the film “September Clues” and how he had decided to get Simon Shack to post it in high quality to a website. The caller basically said he wanted to be pleasant to everyone, even if they didn’t see things the same way he did. (You can also download the video files from )   The relevant segment of the show is linked here:   Caller Discusses Sept Clues and on Kevin Barretts WTPRN Show – Alex Jones calls in and comment – 20 Sep 2008.mp3 (4 MB) (Modified: Sep 30 2008 09:47:54 AM)   www.checktheevidence…   Def – Richard Curtis – Alex Jones – Kevin Barrett – Truth Jihad radio – WTPRN – 20 Sep 2008.mp3 (1.9 MB) (Modified: Sep 30 2008 01:23:17 PM) www.checktheevidence…   Both audios can be found on this page:   www.checktheevidence…   12 minutes later, after the commercial break (edited out of this clip, so it’s about 8 minutes later in this clip), another caller comes on – “Alex from Texas”. Kevin Barrett announces him as an “illustrious guest”. After some pleasantries, in which Kevin Barrett says “take as many minutes as you want”, Alex mentions he is driving into the hills and his cell phone may cut out. He starts to talk about the Pentagon and infiltration into peace groups.   But at 10:32 into this clip, Alex says the following:   That said, I noticed day 1, that the no-planers for tower 1 & 2 and that the space beamers would viciously attack anyone who wouldn’t immediately agree with them and scream and yell at them and scream and yell at me – and try to bully me and others – and then viciously try to discredit the key researchers that were getting things ready for peer review – which they did – the key researchers that were really on the trail – that’s now fleshed out with err – with Kevin Ryan and all these other people – and Steven Jones and yourself. I mean this is bombshell [inaudible] the thermite – it’s just so incredibly err – ye know – on target. Just every step of the research continues and it’s really waking a lot of people up. So I notice that not only did  the bullies attack everybody 2 years ago and say “you’ve got to agree with us” – at that critical point when the establishment decided that 9/11 was a big threat to them – they then attacked all the key researchers savagely and then national TV kept giving them attention – kept giving … and so now when I do a national TV appearance or I go on national radio they go “Oh you’re the group that thinks Space Beams did it or you’re the group that thinks there were no planes. And I would talk to these no planers [inaudible or “not the”] low level weak-minded people that follow them. I would talk to the high level – you know the progenitors of it and they would say err – ‘well listen – I had family that was in New York and I saw the first plane or I saw the second plane or I had family or friends going back to college who saw it’ and they’d say “Shut up liar! You’re probably just a Fed (?)!”   And so it goes on… for quite a few more minutes.   Just before the 2nd break in this clip (also edited out) at around 16:34 Kevin says “OK Alex, that’s pretty well put – can you stay on and can I ask you a coupla quick questions after the break?”  Kevin then says “We blew his cover” in reference to Alex Jones… Neither Kevin Barrett or Richard Curtis seem to take any issue with anything Alex Jones says. At about 22:10, Curtis says “Well, I think that he’s making a very important point that everyone in the movement needs to be informed on COINTELPRO (which is what Alex had alluded to in some of his soliloquy).   Clearly missing from any of this discussion are:   1)      Evidence (such as steel being harder than aluminium) 2)      Any of the names of the supposed “weak-minded” or “progenitors” of  the “no planes” research and court cases….   Question: How did Alex Jones know this issue was being discussed on WTPRN while he was “driving around” (and apparently “into the hills”)  Is he a big fan of Barrett’s show? Isn’t WTPRN a Web/Internet station? Is it normal to have it streaming (reliably) in a car? Why was it so important that Alex Jones stop his journey and call into the show?   Alex is well into fighting the New World Order – but hasn’t taken anything to court. Maybe he needs to – to show how much more strong-minded he is than these “weak-minded space beamers” who have started court cases…? (And this is a statement related to action and intent, not the outcome of such action.)  

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