Review of ‘9/11 – Finding the Truth’ and ‘9/11 – Holding the Truth’

by Teresa Bacon (twsbacon@btinternet….)


These two books chart the author’s efforts to establish and then to help raise awareness of what actually happened on 9/11. These efforts began once the official ‘planes hijacked by terrorists’ story became untenable. Although Dr Judy Wood’s conclusive scientific study of the evidence was the vital breakthrough needed to prove what happened, raising awareness (over the last 11 years or so) has been beset by many attempts at suppression/subversion.

Andrew Johnson’s experiences document how a second layer of deception has been put in place by those directly responsible. They seem to care much less that people realise 9/11 is an ‘inside job’, than that they might get to understand how it was executed. Once enough of us know that the World Trade Centre complex was destroyed by some sort of Directed Energy weapon, and that Hurricane Erin’s field effects facilitated this in some way, then those in control of such secret technology (manipulation of ‘free energy’, weather modification) have lost their advantage over us.

Small wonder then that many 9/11 truth organisations, researchers and spokespeople have been ‘infected’ with disinformation. This is evident throughout the time-span of both volumes, and leads one to wonder why there is such wilful blindness to the truth. As Andrew Johnson surmises in ‘Finding the Truth’, when other considerations (such as fear of reprisals) are discounted, could it be that otherwise highly intelligent people are being ‘remotely influenced’ in some way –“Is there some type of ‘ongoing’ MK-Ultra- type programme – which can subtly influence people’s specific thought processes, behaviour and actions?

It is clear that many diverse individuals have been (knowingly or not) complicit in diverting attention from the truth, Professor Steven E. Jones being perhaps the most prolific. Andrew Johnson was invited by him to join his ‘Scholars for 9/11 truth’ association in late 2005, before Andrew became aware of Dr. Wood’s research findings. That new evidence made Jones’ ‘Thermite’ explanation for destroying the WTC redundant. Dr. Wood’s paper on Directed Energy Weapons convinced the author that ‘Black Technology’ was responsible, owing to the “sheer scale of destruction – as indicated by the surprisingly small pile of debris …” After seeing a year 2000 documentary it also became apparent to him that, earlier in his scientific career, Jones had been a key figure in the so-called ‘Cold Fusion’ controversy – old habits of covering up free energy technology die hard, it seems!

It is heartening to know from Andrew Johnson’s books that there are people of integrity working to counteract lies and fallacies put about by those who should know better, which only serve the interests of those who caused such terrible death and destruction on 9/11. Some of these good citizens are named on the ‘acknowledgement’ page. Though space does not permit the author to name them all, they are owed a great debt of gratitude by all genuine truth seekers. As this year’s anniversary approached, yet another futile exercise was set out – that of calls for a ‘Grand Jury’ to investigate what happened. The spurious ‘Themite/Nano-Thermite’ explanation is to be reinvigorated, with self-styled ‘Last Man Out Alive’ (WTC janitor William Rodriguez) put forward as a witness. Andrew Johnson has some interesting observations on this man, in section 21 of his later volume. *(link to James Corbett interview at end of document. His snide remark about ‘magical mystery beams from outer space’ is also documented in ‘Holding the Truth’)

In Keith Mothersson’s words, the ‘Qui Tam’ court case lodged by Drs Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds is “a formidable legal case against the National Institutes for Science and Technology for fraudulently speaking of building ‘collapse’ “ Anyone who has followed developments through both volumes will feel aggrieved that it was effectively stifled by those who are supposed to be upholding the law. The truth underpinning it still there though, awaiting the day when justice is finally seen to be done.

In my opinion, Andrew Johnson’s two books are essential reading for anyone seeking to understand what really happened on 9/11, seventeen years ago to the day. They should be read alongside Dr Judy Wood’s authoritative work ‘Where did the Towers go? Evidence of Free Energy Technology on 9/11’ While Dr. Wood focuses on the evidence, ‘Finding the Truth’ and ‘Holding the Truth’ demonstrate how this evidence has been covered up. The latter works do not make easy or comfortable reading, as so many key figures who purport to seek the truth are merely offering a different sort of disinformation to the official story.

It may be disconcerting to read deceptions put about by researchers respected for their contributions in other areas of concern, but this does not undermine the validity of what Andrew Johnson reveals about them. It is important to discern who is committed to the truth, and who is willing to examine key evidence to find it. Implausible stories about ‘mini-nukes’, thermite and so on only serve to perpetuate the cover up. The same goes for radio hosts and others who disseminate skewed versions of what the evidence actually shows. In an event of such monumental significance as the crime of 9/11, putting about false information is inexcusable. As demonstrated by the author and other people of integrity mentioned in his books, when information is found to be inaccurate it should be discarded and replaced by what can be established to be correct.

An observation attributed to Confucius seems to resonate with Andrew Johnson’s sincere intent, and may explain why he at times comes across as rather harsh on those who ‘don’t/won’t get it’:

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant. Then what ought to be done is not done and, if things remain undone, morals and arts will deteriorate. Then justice will go awry. If this occurs, the people will be lost in helpless confusion. Thus what is said matters above all, and there must be no carelessness in this.




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