FW: CNN – In Search of Aliens – The complete series (download links)

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-02 18:39:48

 —–Original Message—–From: Giuliano Marinkovic [mailto:giuliano.marinkovic@…] Dear Colleagues.   For hard-drive buffs I have uploaded the following clips.   On the links below you can download the complete CNN series “In Search of Aliens”, created by CNN Space Correspondent Miles O’Brien.   Episode 00. November 21st 2008. In Search of Aliens – Preview tinyurl.com/6fzmkm In Search of Aliens – Preview (UnCut Version) tinyurl.com/5pdj72 In Search of Aliens – Preview – Version 2 tinyurl.com/5zup3m   Episode 01. November 24th 2008. Alien Believers Among Us tinyurl.com/5qpnm2 Alien Believers Among Us (UnCut Version) tinyurl.com/5v4pt9   Episode 02. November 25th 2008. Roswell Revisited tinyurl.com/6qtwzo   Episode 02b. November 25th 2008. You Tell – Comments From Viewers tinyurl.com/6q4fyj   Episode 03. November 26th 2008. Close Encounters – Alien Abductions tinyurl.com/625b78   Episode 04. December 1st 2008. Calling All Aliens – SETI tinyurl.com/6neegu   Episode 05. December 2nd 2008. The Mars Worm tinyurl.com/5rxbm6 If uncut versions of other episodes become available (portions from studio) I will upload those in the future too.   Best Wishes to everyone. Giuliano Marinkovic                

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