Christmas Song – The Bling Kings by James Sanger

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-10 11:16:33…   Please forward!   ‘The Bling King’It is a song about the psychopathic ego-mania of our modern day kings and queens…. how we are all the same and no person has the right over another person, how a ‘license to kill’ from another human being is essentially counterfeit, no such thing exists.We are hoping that it stands as a piece of lighthearted humanitarian propaganda and also as a song in it’s own right. You can be the judge of that…. Please feel free to forward it on to as many of your friends as possible… we are hoping to make this something that many people can enjoy and perhaps we can even help humanity a little.As our awareness blooms we must not forget that this is essentially a struggle, people will do almost anything to stay in power. In our small way we need to put them on notice that we do NOT see them as our betters, that we are NOT their flock of sheep to be manipulated into killing each other at their whim, for their aggrandizement. They are the ‘public servants’ , it is not us who is the ‘servant public’ !This song is a ‘call to arms’. Or at least a call to link arms, and show that we see through the crumbling facade of military consumerism…. of dropping 100,000 dollar bombs on people who live on one dollar a day ! I had a vision once and came back with a message, a short sentence etched into my brain, it was this…”We are all the same, all the troubles in the world stem from the mistaken view that one group of people is separate from another”I know it is obvious but for some reason I focused on this for years, I have mulled it over for twenty years and I can tell you know that as far as I can tell it is an unbreakable truth.Loads of love to you all,James Sanger’The Bling King’ wordsSo heres the thing ! about being a king is that once your kingyoud really rather stay the kingand youd kinda do anything .to be the king and really thats the thing about becomin a King you really wanna stay the king,a really slendid kinga really happenin king an omni pomni thing and when the bells they ring ading aling alingyou see being king is very blingfar too bling,its not a very nice thing,being far too bling is it precious ?do you kinda get the ring ?a ding a ling ?do you kinda get the ring a ding a ling a ling ?do you kinda get the ring ?a ding a ling ?do you kinda get the ring a ding a ling a ling ?So heres the thing its not the Ringbut the love of the bling that corruptsit not the king but the robes its the robes he needs to wearSo heres the truth ! about being aloof is that they really really think thattheyre better than you,and theyd kinda do anythingto prove it true, and really heres the clue,of how they see you.baaaathey dreamt of being king,King Kong super double Whammy king,an omni pomni thing and when the bells they ring ading aling alingWritten and produced by James SangerVocals by Lousie Sanger Additional production and mix by Stan ‘the wandering star’   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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