FW: The only Credit Crunch Survival Guide you’ll ever need!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2008-12-28 11:47:04

Hi,   Anthony Beckett has given me a box of about 500 of these leaflets. If you are UK-based,  and want some to give out (or you know anyone in the UK who might want some), please contact me soon and I will send a few (as many as you ask for) for free.   Thanks   Andrew —–Original Message—–From: Anthony Beckett [mailto:anthony.m.beckett@go…]Sent: 15 December 2008 17:05To: mail@wholetruthcoali…Subject: The only Credit Crunch Survival Guide you’ll ever need!Hi All We had a few thousand of the following ‘Credit Crunch Survival Guide’ flyers printed. They include an advertisement for the ‘Lawful Rebellion’  conference being held in Stoke on January 24th. If anyone would like some flyers please let us know and we’ll endeavour to post a few out to you! If you live locally to either Lancashire or Yorkshire it would be better/cheaper to pick them up from Jon Davis (Lancashire) or myself (Yorkshire). See the attached linked pdf http://www.actionsnotwords.org/sites/default/files/money_flyer_basic.pdf for the actual flyer… This initial batch is predominantly being pushed to promote the Lawful Rebelion conference in January. Regards Ants The only Credit Crunch Survival Guide you’ll ever need!  Posted Thu, 12/11/2008 – 08:06 by anthony How did this paper money thing all start?
And when did banks come in on the picture?
Those are two questions not many people ask themselves, but should. The history of paper money is pretty interesting, and in perspective it is easy to see who gains from the money system and who doesn’t. Already before I start explaining the phenomenon of money I can reveal that the beneficiary is not you! Money is an illusion; and even more so in the electronic age. The fact is that you work your whole life through for money that doesn’t actually exist. But as long as the illusion is still put there, the system works. The problem is that people like you and I are working hard, often for low pay, while the only ones that benefit are the bankers. So, how does it work? Well, if you have £1,000, you can go ahead and lend someone up to £1,000. If a bank has £1,000, it can lend up to ten times that amount and charge interest on it. This means there is only £1,000 in actual, physical money, but somehow, like magic the bank is now owed over £10,000. Where did the rest of the money come from? From an illusion that the bank created. The £9,000 plus is not backed by anything; this money doesn’t exist, and never did. So if all people and businesses in the country were to take out all their money from their banks at the same time, the banks would go bankrupt in a instant. The real money in the banks is just a fraction of what the bank has in circulation, it does this by charging interest on money that is non-existent. When a person or a Company borrows money from a bank, the bank does not print new notes, or mint new coins. The clerk just types figures into a computer screen and the loan is set up! From that very moment, you are legally bound to repay money to the bank that never existed in the first place. The deception is that the figures on the computer screen represent the value of gold and/or silver. If this is true, does the bank have a big stock of gold and silver somewhere that covers all the money they are lending to people? The answer is no! The paper money and the computer digits are just an illusion created by the Bankers to create money out of nothing, which makes their own wealth grow exponentially, and help them gain control over people and society, as the bankers are also loaning money to governments and charging interest, which puts governments in debt. The implication of this is that the bankers actually controls the state as long as they can keep the government in debt. Theoretically, they can tell the government to pay them back in a specific amount of time, and if the government can’t do that (because they don’t have the money to pay off the interest) the banks can give them an ultimatum that suits their purpose. Therefore, the REAL power is with the International Bankers. It is the illusion of money that rules the world. The “…Promise to pay the bearer the sum of …” on Bank of England notes has nothing to do with legal tender status. The promise to pay stands good for all time and means that the Bank will pay out the face value of any genuine Bank of England note no matter how old. The promise to pay also holds good for damaged notes, as long as enough of the note survives to prove that it was genuine and no previous claim for it has been received. The Bank’s mutilated notes department receives some 25,000 claims a year for anything from fire or water damage to notes eaten by all manner of household pets. British banknotes ‘promise to pay the bearer on demand’ the sum of whatever the note is said to be worth. How can this be? If I owe you ten pounds and I give you ten pounds, I have given you what I owe, right? Yes, if the ten pound note is money as we understood it to be. But it’s not. It is nothing more than an IOU, a promise to pay – a debt. When you lend me ten pounds you lend me a debt and when I give you back the ten pounds I give you back the debt. How can we pay money to anyone when there isn’t any? What we call money is only debt being passed around as cheques, wire transfers, credit and even ‘cash’. What we call cash is not money; it is debt. Money is created by issuing credit – a debt – and no matter what form this credit may subsequently take (cash, cheques, whatever) it is always recycling debt. The word credit is Latin for ‘he trusts’ or ‘he believes’, and that’s exactly what ‘money’ really is: a belief that it is real. It is not. Even the debt bit is an illusion because how can you be in debt if nothing has been given to you in the first place? When a bank makes a ‘loan’ it is loaning you nothing. They simply type into your account the figure they have agreed to ‘loan’ you against your house, business or land. They don’t create money, they create debt by tapping the keys of a computer program and from that moment you have to pay them back the non-existent ‘money’ they have ‘loaned’ you, plus interest! If you don’t do that they can take your property – for loaning you nothing. Governments borrow ‘money’ in the same way and taxpayers become responsible for ‘paying back’ the banks the non-existent money that has been ‘borrowed’ on their behalf by governments controlled by the same forces that owns the banks. The whole banking system is based on a fraud of stunning proportions to control and suppress the people. There is nothing wrong with having a unit of exchange and calling it money. That’s not the point, it is that once you have private banks owned by the same people creating the exchange out of nothing, and charging interest to do so, you have all you need for global tyranny. This is the system we have and it has been installed by the same families that control the banks and the politicians that pass the banking laws. Staggering as it may be to anyone new to this, banks are allowed to lend ten times what they have on deposit. It is called fractional reserve banking. Every time you put a pound or dollar into a bank you are giving it the right to lend nine pounds or dollars it does not have. Many people think that banks are lending depositors money when they are actually lending fresh air, figures on a screen. When you follow ‘money’ from a bank to bank in cheques and transfers etc.., you find they are creating more and more ‘money’ from your original deposit or loan because each time this is spent and ends up in a different bank, more credit is loaned against it. The amount of interest that banks accrue through this fraud is astonishing. People work in jobs they hate to ‘pay the mortgage’, But what is this mortgage? It is a debt paid by the bank to you in exchange for you paying them back an even bigger debt. But you can’t – in law – pay a debt with a debt! What is the difference between an economic boom (prosperity) & an economic depression (credit crunch)? Through this system, the private banks, controlled by the same Illuminati families, decide how much money will be in circulation. They can create booms and busts at will. It is the same with the stock markets through these families moving trillions of dollars a day around the financial and banking system and deciding if they go up or down, soar or crash. Stock markets crashes don’t just happen – THEY ARE MADE TO HAPPEN. The more money, electronic or otherwise, that is in circulation, the more economic activity can take place and the more products are bought and sold, the more money people have and the more jobs available. Overpaid economists and correspondents, most of whom have no idea what is going on, will tell you that boom and bust is part of some natural ‘economic cycle’. It is not, it is systematic manipulation by the Illuminati to steal the real wealth of the world. During a boom many people get themselves into more debt. The vibrant economic activity means that businesses borrow more for new technology to increase production to meet demand. People borrow more to buy a bigger house and a more expensive car because they are so confident for their economic prospects. Then, at the most opportune moment, the major banks, raise interest rates to suppress the demand for loans and begin to call in loans already outstanding. They ensure they make far fewer loans than before. This has the effect for taking units of exchange out of circulation. This suppresses demand for products and leads to fewer jobs because there is not enough money in circulation to generate the necessary economic activity. People and businesses can no longer earn enough to repay their loans and they go bankrupt. The banks then take over their real wealth, their business, home, land, car and other possessions – in return for non – repayment for a loan that was never more than figures typed on a computer screen. This is what we are all experiencing with this ‘CREDIT CRUNCH!’

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