Reaction to Press Release about Letter to UK Police and Military

On Dec 11th, I posted a Press Release regarding the letters I sent to UK Police and Military leaders (reproduced below from…).

To date, I have received 1 response from 1 UK military base, acknowleding the information and advising me that they had not heard of Common Purpose or been on a course.

On 17th Dec 2008, I noticed that had also posted a copy of this press release –…. However, underneath it, they had posted an anonymous reader’s comment which stated, among other things: "Dr Judy Wood is the leader of the elite disinfo team. "

I was not comfortable that they had posted this set of baseless and disparaging comments – without naming the poster. I therefore sent them this response – twice – on 17th and 24th Dec – and asked that they add it under the anonymous reader’s comments. To date, they have neither replied to my request (sent to editor@truthseeker.c…) nor have they posted my response, which is reproduced below. The anonymous readers comments include no links and no evidence. So, what was truthseeker’s intent in posting them? I leave the reader to make their own mind up.

—–Original Message—–
From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]
Sent: 18 December 2008 00:07
To: editor@thetruthseeke…
Subject: Reader Comment on my Press Release – small correction

Dear Sir/Madam,
Firstly, thank you for posting my press release at this address:
I notice today an unnamed reader’s comment has been posted underneath (copy below). In the interests of a "right of reply" I wondered if would be possible to post a comment underneath this one.

Andrew Johnson replies:
Hello Rixon
This anonymous reader (above) makes a number of unsubstantiated statements:

"Dr Judy Wood is the leader of the elite disinfo team."
"They promote science fiction over the truth. "
Was Hurricane Erin closest to New York on 9/11 or wasn’t it? Fact or Fiction? Do a number of the effects seen in the evidence of the aftermath of the WTC resemble those of the Hutchison Effect or don’t they? Has John Hutchison submitted an affifavit in a Qui Tam Case or hasn’t he?
Other evidence that the anonymous reader mentions such as molten metal, is comprehensively addressed in Dr Wood’s August 2007 Madison presentation which neither mentions Steven E Jones nor David Ray Griffin. Dr Wood’s website does mention Dr Jones and Dr Griffin in relation to how they have reasoned that the molten metal stories are true and failed to address the evidence which shows that there can’t have been any substantial amount of hot molten metal at the WTC. Additionally, knowledge of the Hutchison Effect can throw light on why some metal might have appeared ot be glowing, whilst nearby paper was not burning.
Dr Wood does play down explosives in the towers – because all explosions are not caused by bombs. Some or all of the explosive sounds could have been caused by exploding tanks – such as fire extinguishers.
The reader also overlooks the connection, through Steven E Jones, to the Cold Fusion/Free energy "scene". This is well documented in Dr Eugene Mallove’s book "Fire from Ice" (1991). Dr Mallove was murdered in 2004.
The reader fails to mention that a number of the defendants (contractors who helped in the production of the NIST reports) in Dr Wood’s Qui Tam case are indeed manufacturers or developers of Directed Energy Weapons systems or Components – ARA, Boeing and SAIC.
These are all factual statements which can be verified.

For additional background to why I think statements like the anonymous reader follow postings relating to Dr Wood’s research around the internet, please see the series articles on my website www.checktheevidence…


Thank you for reading.
Andrew Johnson

The reader makes several more broad-brush unsubstantiated statements and mentions JFK and Lee Harvery Oswald which have nothing to do with this press release or Dr Wood.

Where is the evidence for this statement?

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