New World Order Ahead by Leo Noury

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-04-04 17:48:44

This short article is a good overview of the meaning of recent developments, although some people will think including reptilians is over the top etc. But there is a hidden hand at work.…   Friday, 3 April 2009 New world order ahead! Hello,Just a very short article to say that the stooges of the Illuminati that met in London at the G20 have called for a “New world Order”.Click here to listen to Gordon Brown’s speech at the end of the G20. The five sense level plan, is in part to eliminate all national sovereignty and make all countries dependant on one another. Hence the introduction of “international regulations”, “international law”. The goal is also to make the people (you and me) so bogged down in taxes that the economy will collapse. This explains the trillions of dollars unblocked to “save the world”. It is all bollux. The crisis is manufactured by the Illuminati in order to create a one world government through international regulation. The point I want to make is that all this is now so obvious to the point where the heads of state of the G20, that are no more than pawns manipulated by the Illuminati and the extradimensional entities that control the Illuminati are not even hiding their objectives of creating a “new world”. In other terms, that means a one world state where individuality, originality and everything that makes us human will not have its place. But at a deeper level, a one world state means a microchipped population where the people will be marked with a microchip. It will not only be a surveillance device but an energy extracting device in order to feed the entities behind the reptilians and the “thought form” that ultimately controls them. Humans will be no more than mere batteries. The pathetic demonstrations of the anti-capitalists and anti-globalists will change absolutely nothing as most so called anti-globalist groups are controlled by the same forces they oppose. A prominent French lawyer told me that one of the main French anti-globalists is a CIA agent. And the CIA is nothing more than a branch of Mossad and MI6 who are nothing more than the secret services of the Illuminati families. The paradox is that most anti-globalist call for… a “world government elected democratically”. The anti globalists are used by forces that that they do not even begin to comprehend. They are manipulated through political correctness and thinking that there is no conspiracy but just financial greed. They are the first to scoff and call you a “fascist” if you tell them that all the events are organised to bring about a one world government and that the powers behind it are ultimately after our spiritual and emotional energy… The only solution we have left is to reclaim our power by refusing to go with the system in a peaceful way. Violence that is often present in demonstrations is nothing more than another expression of the duality and low vibrating energy of the “people” that the demonstrators say they oppose. How can we peacefully refuse the system? By informing people about the truth through the web, conferences and simply word and mouth. By refusing to collaborate with the system and that simply means by refusing to vote, refusing vaccination that is there to block our awareness, refusing to demonstrate as it does not lead anywhere. The solution is to be ourselves, the infinite and powerful being we are and always will be and not be the miserable, feeble being the system, religion and education (brainwashing) has always taught us to be and the other solution is to understand that all this reality is illusory: it is a thoughtform that we have brought on to ourselves by refusing our real power and by refusing oneness. We are infinite beings that do not need and never will need leaders. How can we? we are infinite. Therefore it is time to take back our power and lead our own lives and not be lead by the system…See you soon!Leo     Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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