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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-04-22 08:05:52

 From David Griffin of exopolitics.co.uk  Audio links near bottom of page.  http://www.exopolitics.org.uk/media-objects/audio/omega-point-2017-%11-un-meetings-and-the-arrival/  Omega Point 2017 – UN Meetings and The Arrival  Sunday, 19 April 2009 Reality is a domain of codes and ‘Language is a virus from outer-space’- William S Burroughs Is the 2017 Date Provided by a Source that Initiated Secret UN Meetings an Omega Point for the Species? “I did not say if…  I said when.” this is the statement that the contact drives home repeatedly to the two New York based researchers we talk to here. Although the issue of secret meetings at the United Nations has been investigated and validated at length for over a year now, we thought it would be useful to find out how those directly involved thought it had disseminated and more importantly what it could mean for a species on the edge of a trancendental shift in how it perceives itself and its role in an expanding universe.   By the time this interview was done – I was more cerain than ever that Clay and Shawn Pickering are two of the most valuable contributors to this field. It’s synchonicity at its purest, quantum level when just the right situation occurs with just the right characters to pull it off.  Although the information they’ve passed on via certain researchers and forums has received as much criticism as it has provoked enthusiastic interest, there is no doubting their sincerity and dedication to this profound and sometimes shocking issue. In fact  we could hazzard a guess that it is precisely the gravitas of the situation they’ve outlined that’s caused a degree of ‘fear response’ in a small section of the research community. In fact if the power structures wanted to create some sort of prank for reasons best known to only themselves –  they selected [although if you follow the initial account it was the other way round] two of the most difficult people to fool: their backgrounds are not from the UFO community, they’ve remained relative outsiders to most ‘group-think’ and their investigative skills were honed by early research into front or shell companies, covert-projects, black-budgets and narco-trafficking. One point the Pickerings have made repeatedly in interviews is a more basic one and it’s true… or in the words of the 21st century bard Terence McKenna –  it’s “true enough” – the only way to get a grasp on the complex interactions and contradictions of contemporary culture is by viewing it through the Exopolitical or UFOlogical lens. Background articles: – Initial Release – UN Timeline & Disclosure Amplification – Caution Sickness and Evidence Fascism: UN Meetings and UFO Research Community In this near two-hour discussion, the Pickering brothers outline why the UN meetings took place, how they met and established a relationship with “Source A”,  a description and basic analysis of the entities they call the ‘conformers’ and why the notion of huge extra-terrestrial craft arriving above capital cities may no longer be a Hollywood reality. In addition they provide a description of how the disclosure issue is structured at a military level and drop some interesting hints that the British may have a larger role in the final moment than we’ve been previously led to believe. The point everyone should consider is simple: what if this is going to happen? Interview by David Griffin and Paul Harvey. Montage images by Paul. Thanks to Clay and Shawn for their time.Broadcast locally 12th April. This is the podcast version with some editing for time and clarity.    Omega Point 2017 – Clay and Shawn Pickering – April 2009 – 1:45 approx If playback stalls due to connection, press pause and restart to allow it to cache     Grab a copy to your drive here :: Use ‘Save As’ :: 60mb. Choose the server nearest you unless you have no issues with speed.  An alternate file of 20mb will also available – this is in open source ogg format and retains the sound quality. You can play OGG files with this excellent media player. A follow up discussion was recorded on the 19th April and will be posted as a podcast in a day or so.           Signs, symbols, memes and metaphors

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