FW: Paul Pantone (GEET) is free!!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-05-28 19:18:55

This is about Paul Pantone, who has invented various free energy/energy efficient devices. —–Original Message—–From: Paul Harmans [mailto:a.harmans@chello.nl]Sent: 28 May 2009 12:29To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Paul Pantone (GEET) is free!! Hello Andrew,   Read this!   Greetings and Salutations Everyone!My father, Inventor Paul Pantone, is now free from the Utah State Hospital, and is recovering his energy and health rapidly. Thank you to all of you who: sent your blessings, made donations, wrote supportive letters to Paul and on Paul’s behalf, share our passion to defend a man’s right to invent and support mankind’s need to live harmoniously with Earth.Paul still needs our help with his recovery. He needs some blood tests, x-rays, braces, and healing herbs and other natural remedies that he has located but lacks the funds to get.If you can make a donation, please go to geet.nl and click the PayPal “Support Paul” donate button. It will help Paul recover quickly so he can focus his attention to developing technologies which benefit all mankind and the Earth. Paul’s most famous invention, so far is called the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor. GEET is an immediate solution for pollution and energy challenges…,   but at this time GEET is used far under capacity, by only a small percentage of mankind.Paul Pantone is one of the first inventors to openly share the knowledge to build and operate his invention. Every person on the planet can use the free GEET plans to retrofit their own engine. The conditions are that each person may retrofit one engine, for personal experimental use, and the engine must be 20 hp or less. The free plans are over a decade old, and the principals of GEET can now be expressed in a more concise way. Paul is now directing his focus toward providing technical clarity of GEET’s function.  In order for Paul to be able to lead the clean-energy movement into the future, he needs our support. Each of us have a unique way we could involve ourselves best. If you have questions, suggestions, requests or any other idea’s please email me at david@geet.nl . I will respond, and even if I cannot provide an answer for you immediately, I will make sure that you are given a solid answer as soon as it is possible.GEET Classes and updated literature will be made availible as soon as possibe. Your support is needed in the mean time in order to make it happen. The goal is to make GEET, working to full capacity, benefiting all people, and stopping the damaging of our planet.The first step is to equip Paul with a Labratory. Most of the equipment is already available, and must only be transported to a location for Paul to use. For this, and for medical repairs, Donations are still very helpful and essential for everything to go smoothly. Paul is now available for radio shows. If you would like to have Paul as a guest please email me.If you would like to receive future update emails about GEET and Paul Pantone, please emial me.Again, thank you to all of you for being a part of this, in which ever way you are. -David Pantone david@geet.nl   Greetings,   Paul Harmans www.ufowijzer.nl

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