Project Camelot update, Flu and Chemtrails


Date: 2009-07-22 12:13:24

www.projectcamelot.o… State of the Planet The Project Camelot Blog ________________  21 July 2009 – update 2 • On today’s Whistleblower Radio (the Camelot radio show) we featured Jane Bürgermeister with four other guests: Dr Rebecca Carley, Rebecca Campbell, Elizabeth Book and JoAnne Cremer. A fifth contributor called in, Burk Elder Hale – who can be contacted through his website here. Elder reported that he had been personally told by a senior biochemist at a leading pharmaceutical company [name of company provided but withheld here to protect the source] that: “…an aerosoled precursor has been put into the air and almost everyone has breathed it into their lungs. The biochemist states that the vaccines to be administered in the Fall will be ACTIVATED when the constituents come in contact with the aerosoled precursor in the body and will cause a rapid spread of the H1N1 Influenza A virus. This biochemist is very upset about the matter, to say the least, and is a very reliable source that needs our utmost protection.” We had been told something very similar by our insider source Henry Deacon, who informed us just a few days ago that chemtrails were now frequently being sprayed at 3-5 am (in the very early morning) with the specific intention to compromise the immune system. We believe this information is credible and urgently requires further investigation. Back to the radio show. All the guests except Jane had to suffer appalling audio interference on their phone lines. Some details were very hard to hear. A recording of the show (in case it is any better) will be posted here . These are the details of the guests, all of whom are doing important work: Jane Bürgermeister : legal action against vaccine manufacturers. Dr Rebecca Carley : research about the harmful effects of vaccines and Tamiflu, strongly recommending colloidal silver as an antiviral. Rebecca Campbell : research on the financial connections between ‘Big Pharma’ and government and other institutions [“Follow the Money” – as in 9/11]. Elizabeth Book : Florida-based grassroots political activist. JoAnne Cremer : originator of a large and rapidly growing Facebook Group entitled END FORCED VACCINATIONS. […]

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