911 and Crop Circles – Connecting the Evidence

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-02-08 19:04:56

I have just posted a YouTube video which is essentially an extract from what I have put in a crop circles presentation I have been revising for presentation in March. Make of it what you will….   www.youtube.com/watc…          Crop Circle and 9/11 Evidence -Iron Microspheres, Levitation                           Is there a connection?                                              Soil Effects in a Canadian Circle  BLT Research have a study on the soil in a crop formation which was found  in Sept 1999 EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA  The fact that the field was infested with Canadian thistle, which made it  almost impossible to walk in the field without high protective boots,  tended to further rule out the possibility that this formation had been  mechanically produced.  The full study is available online, www.bltresearch.com/…   Clay minerals (illite/smectites) extracted from surface soils taken at  the same sampling locations as the plants, were submitted to X-ray  diffraction analysis.     The results were submitted to Dr Robert C.Reynolds, Jr.     In Reynold’s words, “the possibility of crystal growth seems remote.” The  degree of pressure known to be involved in causing crystal growth in  sedimentary deposits would have, had it been present, completely  obliterated the plants. And the 600-800°C temperatures, over a period  several hours, known to be necessary to promote such crystal growth in  the laboratory would have, in the crop circle field, incinerated any  plant material present. Additionally, the very brief bursts of possibly  intense microwave radiation thought to be the cause of node-elongation  and the creation of expulsion cavities (through heating and expansion of  internal stem moisture) could not account for crystal growth.  This is interesting because we seem to have evidence of high heat, but                     also no heating at the same time                          Heat and No Heat on 9/11   Peculiar wilting of car doors and deformed window surrounds on FDR Drive.  But the rear end is in good shape, with an inflated tyre   Blistered car on FDR Drive but with unburned upholstery and unburned  plastic window moulding.     www.drjudywood.com/a…     Iron Spheres found in WTC dust and in Canadian Crop Circle Soil Samples                             Is there a link?                     Other Soil Effects – Iron Spheres  Photomicrograph (100 X) of 10-40 micron diameter, spherical, magnetic  particles of the type regularly found in crop circle soils. EDS reveals  these spheres to be pure iron; the fact that they are magnetized reveals  they were formed in a magnetic field.     www.bltresearch.com/…                     Is This A Building Which Is Collapsing?                        Is this Thermite Burning??     www.drjudywood.com/a…                             View from the Northeast                                                         WTC Dust – Iron Rich Microspheres?  Perhaps Steven E Jones et al knew what to cover up? He claims these are  signature of the use of Thermite!  “Iron-rich spheroid from the USGS Particle Atlas of World Trade Center  Dust.”  This is about 20 ìm in diameter – comparable to Spheres in the Crop  Circle Soil Sample found by WC Levengood.  911research.wtc7.net…                    What is the Significance of the Spheres?  I am proposing that the Spheres are a signature of the weapon/technology  which is used to  (a) create an artificial gravity field in the case of crop circles  (b) disrupt matter and cause it to disintegrate in the case of the WTC  It seems to affect metals specifically – perhaps the field interference  is “tuned”.                                                 Residual Effects – in Crop Circles and at the WTC.            It seems the energy does not dissipate immediately                               “Ghost Formations”  2003 Formations still visible in 2004 early crops (May). Photos by Busty  Taylor.  This seems to be more evidence that board stomping would not cause to  appear.     www.busty-taylor.com…              Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank Building – Opposite WTC  Why repair a building then dismantle it?  www.drjudywood.com/a…                      An Unusual Crop Circle Event  in 1989         Colin Andrews, Cheesefoot Head, Pat Delgado and Nick Pope  The unusual events at White Crow occurred on the night of Saturday/Sunday  17-18th June, 1989, when six people climbed up Cheesefoot Head hill and  sat in a crop circle at midnight.  www.colinandrews.net…                              Pat Delgado Levitated  My  progress was slow because whatever the short distance I made forward,  a  force  kept pulling me back half that distance. I was becoming totally  exhausted  and  at  that moment I wondered what I was  fighting  against.  There  was nothing tangible but I was under the control of some force  of  incredible strength. I hung on as best I could. I called out to Colin  to  come  and  help me. I remember instructing him to come down  the  eastern  edge  of  the  circle in a crouching position which he did until  he  was  level  with  me.  We inched our way towards each other until  we  grabbed  hands  and  it  was  then that both of us began to  be  pulled  back  and  downwards. Fighting against this force we managed to break away  from  it  and  crawl  to  the side of the circle and, still crouching,  we  quickly  worked our way back to the group at the north side.  For some minutes we sat there answering questions as to what had happened  when  suddenly  some  force levitated me to a height  just  brushing  the  flattened crop and floated me to the east side of the circle. Now  I  was  feeling really scared. What force could have moved me a distance of about  three  metres  while still in the same sitting position? It  was  here  I  called  to  Colin and the others to join me. After a few minutes  we  all  decided to leave the circle.                          “Crop Circles” – By Nick Pope  Posted in Nov or Dec 2002  “I had to refute the bizarre idea that the formations were caused by the  testing of space-based laser or directed-energy weapons, and dispel  suggestions that media coverage of the issue had been stifled by use of D-  Notices.”  www.colinandrews.net…                           Levitation Effects on 9/11  File no 9110506 – Michael Macko (P4 – P5) I realized I couldn’t get out  from under the collapse. I dove under an ESU truck that was facing north  on the west side of West Street. I dove under that and waited for the  building to come down. When the building did come down, I actually  thought I was trapped, and the truck was blown off me, pushed off me, I  guess. It was not there. At that point I was just really shocked and  didn’t know what was going on at that point. I didn’t know — I was  really, really shocked.)     File No. 9110075 – RENE DAVILA – While we’re walking I realize that we  only have two people. I see my vehicle. The seats are covered. I’ve still  got my bag. I hold it like a trophy. Like people collect basketballs. I  haven’t touched — whatever the force was, it was so strong that it went  inside of the bag.    See: tinyurl.com/911hestu… and  www.drjudywood.com/a…                                     Summary  In comparing some of the evidence related to the destruction of the WTC  we have seen some correspondence:    Simultaneous effects which look like heat but also no heat  Effects on gravity – levitation  Iron spheres in dust and soil samples.  Ongoing effects at the site following the initial event.                                                              For further information                                                                          See                                                             www.drjudywood.com/…                         www.bltresearch.com/…                     www.thehutchisoneffe…       Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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