Masonic Chemtrail Pattern?

By Anonymous Author

I have attached three interesting photos… Actually this is a redux of perhaps DOZENS of MASONIC COMPASS chemtrails. This is a Masonic Compass chemtrail that was laid down by three airplanes. I had seen this pattern generated on other occasions over Utah–about a dozen times in the last half decade. This shot was from central Utah near Yuba Lake taken in December 2007 by me. It was shot while I was driving to California on Interstate 15 South. I also attached accompanying photos of trails that feature a geographical recognition marker…i.e., the Yuba Lake sign and photos with a different visual perspective. Actually, one of the planes that was laying down these trails faded towards Nellis/Area 51. The other two faded in a northeast direction, towards a restricted airfield on the other (eastern) side of the Wasatch Front that is only accessible by certain operatives, according to a former NSA black ops acquaintance of mine from the area. This airfield is just east of Salt Lake and you can actually see these planes fly west into the enclosed Salt Lake Valley–right over the Wasatch Mountains, to drop their slop all over us. If you want to post the photos, please do so. They are mine and you have my permission to use them in any way, shape or form you need or want.




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