FW: Volcano connection to 9/11

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-04-30 08:11:31

—–Original Message—– From: Veronica: of the Chapman family [mailto:veronica@fmotl.com] Sent: 29 April 2010 22:15 To: Paul V. Sheridan (Cornell); Nathanael; Patrick Rattigan (Hera); Andrew Johnson Subject: Volcano connection to 9/11 www.fmotl.com/forum/… Bes, Veronica — The following is a disclaimer and a protest at the collection, retention and sharing of my personal mail by the morally bankrupt state. By adding a string of key words, it will guarantee that each and every mail that I send will now need to be manually viewed as it is picked up by the auto scan software. If every person in the UK does exactly the same, then the entire system will quickly become so unmanageable, so unwieldy that it will become unworkable. Key words: Jack Straw = complete wanker & psychopath (sue me!), Jacqui Smith so ugly inside & out her husband probably prefers a wank, bomb, assassinate, president, brown, Osama, Obama, Sargozy, Merkel, government, target, location, rocket, grenade, Hi-jack, 747, China, Turkey, al-Qaeda, Weed Killer, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, UK, Poison, America, guns, jets, bombs, machine-gun, Iran, Iraq, Nuclear, The Queen, terrorists, MPs, pigs, troughs, France, Germany, Italy, nuclear, Korea, Water supply, Blair, Bush, B Liar, ’72 virgins’, semtex, sulphate of ammonia, sugar, anthrax, Sandringham, Balmoral, Menwith Hill, Fylingdales, detonator, K89J9JD51E9E7C5JJ4IM5CCPFL81M5N1JK54PFLIK9D5, bits=65536, I had one grunch, but the eggplant over there. Freedom’s just another word for: “Nothing left to lose” (Janis Joplin) “There is no path to peace, peace IS the path” (Mahatma Ghandi) “There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path” (Veronica Chapman)

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