Case Orange – Scientific Report on Chemtrails by Belfort Group

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-06-09 11:04:49

www.checktheevidence…   This is a text-searchable version of the Belfort Group’s report on Contrails, Chemtrails and Weather Modification. The original PDF is large, and not currently text-searchable. I therefore made this page, using OCR software (Optical Character Recognition), which is searchable, though there may be some garbled words or sections – and the formatting has not been fully preserved from the original document.. There is a message below from Peter Vereecke who has been instrumental in getting this document compiled. 08 June 2010 Dear chemtrailfighters from all over the world,     On Saturday 29 th of May the Belgian Belfort-group organised in Ghent an international symposion on the subject :   The illegal spraying of harmful substances
in the atmosphere by airplanes
also known as ‘chemtrails’ :

THE TRUTH   Based on the positive reactions we received and also our own feeling it was a success. You can see the whole event via this link :… One of the highlights was certainly the presentation of “Case Orange“, a scientific report, which has been compiled on behalf of the Belfort-group and of humanity by a team of experts with relevant aviation background. This is very important : the authors are inside experts. They know what they are talking about !   The document consists of 300 pages. As it is too expensive for us to send it in a copy-version and as it not possible to send it in attachment because the pdf-file is too heavy I ask you to download it via this link :…   By doing so you will be able to see and read the basic text of 70 pages with 177 footnotes. If you should be interested in receiving the appendices, please let me know.   We would like to ask you to spread this document as broadly as possible to your politicians, administrations, press, policy, justice, fellow-fighters, a.o.   The fight for a world without chemtrails will not be easy, but now we have a peacefull weapon which offers evidence based prove that the phenomenon is not internet gossip or conspiracy theory but – to put it blatantly – that we are being sprayed.   This has been going on for years and it’s not going to stop ! According to the conference of 18-22 th February of the AAAS they are planning to put to 20 million tons of aluminium into the atmosphere !   I have already delivered this ‘Case orange’-document in an outprint copy personally to the Brussels headquarter of UNO and Nato and eight embassies (USA, UK, Germany, France, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela). I have send it by email to all pressagencies, to all embassies, in short to everyone who should be interested in this very important information.   As you know on August 17 th of 2009 I personally lodged a complaint with the Belgian Justice department  against the intentional and systematically spraying of heavy metals, chemical substances and virological filth  into our atmosphere. As a result there is since October 2009 an ongoing investigation into this matter.   I am now also prepairing to lodge two additional complaints:  with the International Court of Justice, The Hague  the European court of human rights, Strassbourg   I will do so not only on behalf of the Belfort-group but also of you all. Finally I would like to draw your attention to a very intresting new intiative of the Lightworkers World. They are planning a worldwide protest action against chemtrails on June 24 th.  You can read all about it on their website :…   I would like to conclude this email with the chorus lines of our anthem, a very powerfull and encouraging song of Leonard Cohen :   Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

Keep the good work going, my dear friends and brave fighters !   Yours sincerely,   –  Peter Vereecke  – Former mayor of Evergem Founder Belfort-group E-mail : peter@belfort-group….   Belfort-group p/a Hooiwege 20 9940 Evergem Belgium  

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