The Railway Children, Virgin Trains and Chemtrails

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-07-15 19:37:19

Attachments : www.checktheevidence…   The Railway Children, Virgin Trains and Chemtrails On 13th July 2010, I was invited onto a Podcast Show called “Pairanormalguys” to discuss the subject of  chemtrails with the host, Jason Pepper. In the podcast, we discussed the issue of when the first pictures of chemtrails were seen. One of the earliest images I have seen is from a paper published 1970, though it seems they did not become common place till the 1990’s (for more information see   Fig. 1. Morning contrails, Boulder, Colo., 17 December 1969.  Following the broadcast, a posting was made on my Facebook “Wall” thus: Just listening to you on Pair a normal guys re chemtrails…. Check the trail out in this advert… The railway children was made in 1970…. And of course, it is true – in 1970, a film called “The Railway Children” was made in the UK. This delightful story itself was originally written by E Nesbitt and first published in 1906. It is a much-loved and deeply moving story – which children can easily identify with – due to the adventures and petty squabbles between the 3 siblings Bobby, Peter and Phil and the separation of them from their father. Also, adults and children can both “feel” the story due to the focus it maintains on basic values of friendship in the midst of hardship and injustice, in a well-educated middle-clash family. (I have listened to a radio production of the story many, many times with my own children, as we have driven around the country). The story was set in 1900’s in Yorkshire – and some of the 1970 film was made only a few miles from where I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s. (For those interested, as of writing this article, the film is posted on YouTube in about 10 or 11 parts.)   So, the person that contacted me sent me an interesting link, which seemed to indicate that an image of a Chemtrail was seen in this 1970 film. The image was contained – not in the original film – but in a TV commercial aired for Virgin Trains (UK train company) in 2005 when a new train (“The Pendolino”) was brought into service. This advert, at the time it aired, was lauded for its technical video wizardry – which “deposited” various 1950’s films stars such as Cary Grant, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis into scenes shot on the Virgin Train – among the other regular passengers – while they looked on in amazement and bemusement.   You can watch the commercial here:…   As you will see, the clever video editing and compositing includes a few seconds from the 1970 “Railway Children” film.   I had watched “The Railway Children” film several times and I did not remember seeing any trails in it, so I decided to check the original footage, using the YouTube posting linked above. The results of this checking are “snap-shotted” below, and they speak for themselves.   Railway Children Film (1970) Virgin Trains Commercial (2005)     As we can see, only the fence and the 3 figures (left to right) of Peter (Gary F. Warren), Bobby (Jenny Agutter) and Phil (Sally Thomsett) have been retained from the original film – everything else has been added.   Why has a Chemtrail/Contrail Been Added?   Let us now consider the possible reasons why the people making the commercial have chosen to add in a Chemtrail/Contrail – and why there was no reason to add one.   Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, also owns Virgin Airlines and wanted to make people think of this when seeing the commercial. However, a Virgin Plane is not shown – and it could’ve been – so why only go “half way” with this idea?   It was an accident. They composited some “stock sky image” and it happened to have  a chemtrail/contrail in it. The original story was set in the 1900’s – when there was no powered flight. The train commercial romanticises about “times gone by” – the thrill and excitement of rail travel combined with the nostalgia about movie stars. Why add in a modern phenomenon relating to pollution from aircraft? Why spoil the “meadow scene” from the original film?   It was not an accident. The contrail was added deliberately as a subliminal message – that Chemtrails are perfectly normal and safe and natural – nothing to worry about – because they happened as long ago as 1970. I think 3 is the most likely explanation – and it worked on the person who sent me the message – she remembered the commercial and thought the footage was from 1970 – when it was not. Other people in their 40’s and 50’s will remember that film and what it represents. This is how subliminal messaging works. In this case we have what I would call a “historical subliminal”. To me the message is clear. I would at this point like to make my message clear – to the people who originally made this commercial. It is this: “I am awake. I am aware – and I am watching you closely. You are NOT going to ‘mess with my mind’.”…   For more examples of subliminal chemtrail images, please see the pages below.   Various Images   www.checktheevidence…   London Marathon (2010) Poster   www.checktheevidence…   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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