Air Canada Ban Passenger(s) for Watching 9/11 Video

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-07-29 08:02:31

If you want to phone or write to Air Canada, Use this Link:… Re: News Story –     Dear Madam/Sir,   Can you confirm that this story, linked above is true? If it is true, I will have to advise my family and friends not to fly with your airline.   This is a truly worrying development indeed. It is really of great concern to me that airline officials and staff think a person should be banned from a flight for watching a video. A simple polite request to switch the video off would have dealt with the matter.   If this quote in the article is true:   “Safety and security as well as the comfort of all our passengers and crew is always our top concern and we take whatever steps we deem necessary to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment,” he said. ”   then it is truly shocking. What I suspect the passengers were doing was trying to find out the truth behind the 911 attacks, so it is a great shame that airline staff intervened and prevented them from doing so – thereby endangering the long term safety of everyone concerned in the matter – crew and passengers alike.   You clearly are not aware, because of the intense media cover up/alternative media cover up of the legal action that has been taken by 2 US professors in relation to protecting the safety of US citizens in relation to the science fraud committed by US contractors.   Many people, like me, have grown weary of officious corporate and government paranoia – and are most troubled that facts – when pointed out – no longer count.   A few facts which prove the story of hijackers is a fable:   Planes hitting buildings do not *turn them to dust*…   Hijackers cannot steer hurricanes towards and away from NYC over a period of several days…   1/4 inch aluminium wing struts cannot cut through steel girders   Planes hitting buildings do not turn cars upside down.   I could go on – and on. I therefore suggest that all important officials in your organisation are trained as a matter of priority – and a starting point might possibly be this video:   This should be done as you said “Safety and security as well as the comfort of all our passengers and crew is always our top concern”. It is my top concern as well – and I have spent a very great deal of my own time and money in this area, so that the information to enhance your safety is freely available.   If you like, you can e-mail me when the training programme is complete, and I will then know that it is “safe to fly” again on Air Canada and I can tell all my friends. Who knows, if you “really get it”, you may even begin to understand what *real* safety may look like.   (I have posted this on my website and facebook account. If the story mentioned above is untrue, I will delete this posting, if you can confirm the story is untrue.)   Yours Sincerely,   Andrew Johnson 22 Mear Drive Borrowash Derbyshire DE72 3QW ad.johnson@ntlworld…. tel: 01332 674271   www.checktheevidence…         Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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