Starchild Update / Disney UFO Video

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-08-08 22:26:07

The Disney video is interesting – it’s whole thrust is to promote the “Alien Encounters” attraction at Disney World – and therefore it says the Saucers ARE flown by alien visitors!   Made in the early 90’s, it features Kevin Randle, Budd Hopkins, Clifford Stone and a couple of others    The road surface is interesting, but I needed to post a comment on their YouTube video. From: Lloyd Pye Updates [] Sent: 08 August 2010 19:57To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Videos, websites, and commentary   A new video is available for viewing on the Starchild website (see link below). It is 9:51 of highlights from a lecture filmed by Jonathan Kerr-Smith in London. It briefly covers some background issues, but focuses strongly on the latest genetic developments, hopefully making clear their historic importance.   www.starchildproject…      In addition to the video, below is a message from our geneticist to make clear what we have and what we hope to do with it when we secure the money we need to proceed. If you know any millionaires who might have open minds, and whom you can personally contact on our behalf, please let them know we’re still looking for our investor. We’ll be happy to provide to them proof of our project’s legitimacy, and its outstanding prospects for return on investment.   “Sequencing the Starchild’s genome from the bone samples is technically similar to what has been done with the Neanderthal genome, with the great advantage that any kind of contamination, including human DNA, can be easily ruled out by comparison with existing databases of genome sequences. What we seek are stretches of sequences that are not even similar to any existing species from the animal kingdom. Essentially, we are looking for DNA proof of a new, previously unknown, species. We already have several stretches of such DNA that does not show any similarity to species within the animal kingdom. Yet the final conclusion about a new species can be accomplished only when we recover DNA sequences that can be translated into a protein with a predictable function.”   As you see, he’s saying we definitely have proof that part of the Starchild’s nuclear DNA is not found within Earth’s animal kingdom. Unfortunately, his discovery is only partial, not yet enough to slam the lid shut on skeptics. But that is coming. When he has the entire genome in hand, enough to translate some sequences into never-before-seen proteins, that will nail the lid tight and change history forever. It is within our grasp to do that right now. All we need is help finishing the job that is already well underway. 
    Another video I consider important to be aware of is this one from 1995 by the Walt Disney Company when they were opening a new “Tomorrowland” pavilion. It only played in five cities, once, and never again. You will see it is introduced by Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney then, and hosted by Robert Urich. First class all the way, but then “disappeared” after it was shown. To see it requires a 45 minute investment of time, but I found it well worthwhile.…     A much shorter video at 4:38 shows a new kind of road surface that intrigued me when I saw it. I think anyone would be impressed by the idea of turning garbage and glass into electrical generation for the future. Wow!   www.consciousmediane…   Also, the Conscious Media Network has countless more videos for anyone who is interested. www.consciousmediane…     Lastly, something for fun. Below is a link to truly creative photos by Sergey Larenkov, who takes color shots of modern scenes and then superimposes on them old black-and-white photos from the WWII era. Very visually arresting!…     Finally, please help spread the word about our situation with the Starchild Skull, and our need to secure an investor to move the project forward. We need a great deal of money now because the size of what we’re doing has grown to such incredible proportions. We’re in position to establish the reality of a new species with high intelligence!!! Does it get any bigger than THAT???       Lloyd Pye
  Starchild eBook: www.starchildproject… Starchild paperback book: Everything You Know Is Wrong: Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller): A Darker Shade of Red (football novel): YouTube address:…
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